Professor of Literature

She majored in gender and postcolonial, comparative literature, and cultural studies. She’s teaching some subjects on Literature at UI Postgraduate Program such as: Literature Theory, Multiculturalism, Seminar Theory and Methodology of Cultural Science. She’s the editor of some international journals: Inter- Asia Cultural Studies and Routledge, the member of  PALA (Project of American Literature in Asia) anthology Editorial Board, fellow on Asian Regional Exchange for New Alternative (ARENA), and the former member of Board of Advisors of ASF (Asian Scholarship Foundation), and the member of the selection committee of SEASREP (Southeast Asian Studies Regional Exchange Program), IFP (International Fellowship Program) and API (Asian Public Intellectual). She was also a Workshop Director for API Conference 2008. The Professor from Faculty of Humanities Universitas Indonesia was born Malang, East Java, 16 May 1954. She was graduated from Faculty of Literature (Fakultas Sastra) UI (S.S) (1979). She later got Master of Art (M.A) degree on American Studies from University of South California USA (1981) and Doctoral(Ph.D.) degree on English Literature from Cornell University, USA (1992).

She has some scientific works published in foreign countries: “The Dragon Dance: Shifting Meaning of Chineseness in Indonesia” in the book by Katherine Robinson (ed),  Self and Subject in Motion-Southeast Asian and Pacific Cosmopolitans, “Diverse Voices: Indonesian Literature and Nation Building” in the book by Lee Hock Guan and Leo Suyadinata (eds) Language, Development and Nation Building, “Beyond the Stained Glass Window: Indonesian Perceptions of the United States War on Terror” in the book by David Farber (ed), The International Perceptions on The U.S. War on Terror, “The Blessed Tragedy: The Making of Women’s Activism during the Reformasi Years (1998-1999), in the book by Ariel Heryanto and Sumit Mandal (eds) Challenging Authoritarianism in Southeast Asia: Comparing Malaysia and Indonesia, “In the Margins of the Capital: Tjerita Boedjang Bingoeng and Si Doel Anak Betawi” in the book by Keith Foulcher and Tony Day (eds), Clearing a Space: Postcoloniality and Indonesian Literature, Decentralizing Engagements: Women and the Democratization Processes in Indonesia” in Signs (International Journal of Semiotics), “Beyond Tears and Anger: Representations of Violence Against Women” in Nivedini, Journal of Gender Studies, “Plural Selves: Indonesian Women’s Redefinition of Democracy in the Post-Reformasi Era” in RIMA (Reviews of Indonesian and Malaysian Affairs), “Gender, Culture and Security, Old Legacies, New Visions: The Indonesian Context, Human Security in a New World Disorder” in Asian Exchange, “Feminism in a Multicultural Arena: Notes from Indonesian Women’s Activism” in Korean Feminist Studies in English Literature, “Indonesian Women Responses to Violence, Towards an Alternative concept of Human Security” in Inter-Asia Cultural studies ,“Double Texts: Representing America and Discussing Women’s Issues in Indonesia” in American Studies International, “Globalization and the Discourse of Cultural Identity: The Case of Indonesia during the Monetary Crisis 1997-1998” in Inter-Asia Cultural Studies,  and “Stephen Crane’s Cross Cultural Stories” in American Studies International. Her papers and writings are: “Cross-cultural Aspects in Multicultural Discourse” proceeding The Seminar of The Study on Discourse in Multicultural and Multidisciplinary Context”, "Gender and Politics in Three Indonesian Julius Caesar,” Workshop on “The History of Translation in Indonesia and Malaysia”, The Education of Nationality in Two Pre-Independence Novels, “The Identity of Multicultural Society”, Indonesia: a Togetherness of Reflection, Literature and Cross-Cultural Interaction. She’s also the editor of some books: “Reading Literature, The Introduction of Understanding Literature for University Students” and  "Emerging The Curtain of Smoke, The Testimony of a Political Prisoner."