Programme Description
The Ph.D. Programme in Biology has been established as a center of education and science studies that supports the improvement of human resources in researching, preserving, and utilizing natural resources.

The Ph.D. Programme in Biology has 4 specializations, which are:

  • Conservation Biology
  • Community Ecology
  • Applied Microbiology
  • Reproduction Technology

Prospective students who wish to enroll in the Ph.D. Programme in Biology must take the SIMAK written test.

Admission Schedule
Admission schedule can be observed in the University of Indonesia Admission Site in the link as follows:

The tuition fees for the Ph.D. Programme in Biology amount to 10.000.000,- IDR per semester for the regular class. Aside from that, the Development Fund amounting to 8.000.000,- IDR for the regular class is to be paid only upon admission.

Comprehensive information on the Ph.D. Programme in Biology
Programme’s comprehensive information [PDF]

Department of Biology FMIPA-UI. Building E Lt. 2
UI Depok. Depok 16424
Phone: 021 7270163; 021 78849009
Fax: 021 78849010