Aims :

  1. To produce graduates who excel and possess the ability to strive both nationally and internationally;
  2. To produce graduates who are able to develop and refurbish the science of criminology to solve the problems of crime on both national and international scales;
  3. To develop breakthrough thinking through research whose findings can be beneficial for the development of the education, practice and profession of criminology in Indonesia as well as in the world;
  4. To produce graduates who are able to generate scientific work that are read to be published in national and international journals and who actively participate in various seminars/conferences on criminology both at national and international levels.

Prospective students who wish to enroll to the Ph.D. Programme in Criminology must take the SIMAK written test.

Tuition Fees
The Tuition Fees for the Ph.D. Programme in Criminology amount to 11.000.000,- IDR per semester for regular class. The Development Fund amounting to 10.000.000,- for regular class is to be paid only upon admission.