Political Science

The Ph.D. Programme in Political Science aims to:

  • Produce Doctors of Political Science who are highly competent in utilizing their knowledge, skills and expertise to solve the complex issues surrounding the nation/state including those issues requiring particular inter-disciplinary approaches. The Doctors of Political Science from this programme are expected to be able to strive in the highly competitive global world.
  • Produce graduates who possess basic scientific perspective and skills as well as technical skills necessary to adapt and/or create new methodologies.
  • Produce graduates who master theories, concepts and paradigms in accordance with their expertise and thus they will be open and responsive to the development of science, culture and technology as well as to the current issues within the society.
  • Produce graduates who are able to communicate their thoughts and scientific work to other experts in the same field as well as the general public.

Prospective students who wish to enroll in the Ph.D. Programme in Political Science must take the SIMAK written test.

Tuition Fees
The fees for the Ph.D. Programme in Political Science consist of the Development Fund amounting to 10.000.000,- IDR to be paid only upon admission and the Tuition Fees amounting to 14.000.000,- IDR to be paid per semester.