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April 16, 2024



UI is The Best in Indonesia: World Ranking Increases Based on SCImago Rankings

Universitas Indonesia (UI) is still the best in Indonesia according to the 2024 SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR) after occupying 1st position in Indonesia for three years. UI experienced an increase in world ranking from 629 to 457 this year based on an assessment of three indicators: research performance, innovation output, and social impact. For the...
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“Pelita Ramadan Berbagi” Brings Happiness to Hundreds of Orphans

During Ramadan 1445 H, the Muslim student organization Salam Universitas Indonesia (UI) collaborated with faculty’s Muslim organization, various foundations and social communities, and public—holding the Pelita Ramadhan Berbagi 2024 (PERIGI). UI deepens Islamic values, increases faith in Allah SWT, and strengthens social awareness as a manifestation of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education. The PERIGI...
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Prof. Rani Sauriasari: Government and Society Need to Work Together to Reduce the Sales and Use of Antibiotics in Indonesia

In the past year, IQVIA (a company that provides services to advance the health information technology industry and clinical research) recorded sales of antibiotics in Indonesia reaching more than IDR 10 trillion. According to Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy (FF) Universitas Indonesia (UI) Prof. apt. Rani Sauriasari, M.Med.Sci., Ph.D., said that the increase in...
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Prof. Tjandra Yoga Aditama Awarded Muri Record as Author of the Most Articles About COVID-19 in Mass Media

Professor of Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine, Faculty of Medicine (FK) Universitas Indonesia (UI), Prof. Dr. Tjandra Yoga Aditama, Sp.P(K), MARS, DTM&H, DTCE, FISR, won an Award from the Indonesian Museum of World Records (MURI) as Author of the Most Articles about COVID-19 in Mass Media. The award was handed over directly by the Founder of...
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Two-Wheeled Riders Need To Know Three Causes of Accidents

Homecoming travelers on motorbikes during Eid 2024 are predicted to reach 16.07% or 31.12 million people in Indonesia based on a survey by the Transportation Policy Agency, Ministry of Transportation in collaboration with the Central Statistics Agency, Ministry of Communication and Information. Even though the government has appealed to the public to avoid going home...
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The story of UI International Student, Yong, First Time Fasting in a Muslim-Majority Country

Ramadan is gonna be over soon, but the memories of fasting in Indonesia will remain forever for an international student from Thailand named Ikrom Ingding. Universitas Indonesia (UI) is where he first experienced fasting in a Muslim-majority country because the Muslim community in his motherland (Narathiwat Province, Thailand) was relatively small. “I feel warmth and...
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