Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Establishing Universitas Indonesia as an independent and superior university that is capable of resolving problems and challenges nationally and globally, as an elite university in South East Asia.


  • To provide quality higher education easily accesible to everyone;
  • Conduct the Tri Dharma (education, research and community service) that is capable to meet the national and global challenges;
  • Create highly intellectual graduates with good virtues that can compete globally;
  • Creating a nurturing academic climate that will support the realization of the university’s vision.


  • Creating an inclusive educational community based on civility, trust, integrity, mutual respect, and diversity in a safe and friendly environment;
  • Preparing students to become intelligent and conscientious graduates through a clear and focused education program, so they can implement, develop, enrich the advancement of science, technology, and culture;
  • To develop and spread science, technology, and culture, and also seeking its application to improve the quality of life in the community and enriching the national culture;
  • Promoting and strengthen the development of existing sciences, whilst also pushing the envelope on new sciences and studies in every field to answer the increasing complexity of issues in human life and existence;
  • Encourage and supports active participation of academics in the development of a democratic, prosperous, civilized, and independent society;
  • Strengthen the role of Universitas Indonesia as a higher education provider, and strengthen the cooperation with professional certification associations, so that our graduates can obtain professional certifications;
  • Increase the quantity and quality of service through collaborations and partnerships for cultural enrichment and continuous education;
  • Invest in professional development for Universitas Indonesia’s students, teachers, and staffs. And also invest in useful technologies in order to achieve competitive advantage through education, research, and community service.