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It was initially named Rechtshogeschool or Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid and opened on October 28, 1924. The Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia (FHUI) is the oldest Law campus in Indonesia that has produced critical intellectual figures who founded the Indonesian nation.

FHUI has 1 (one) study program, the Legal Studies Program, which produces Law Degrees.

The focus of higher education goals at FHUI is to produce law graduates who master Indonesian law, master scientific basics, and basic work skills. In addition, the FHUI graduates develop legal and legal knowledge, recognize and be sensitive to justice and social issues, analyze legal issues in society and use the law to solve problems associated with wisdom, and remain based on legal principles

BAN-PT has accredited the FHUI Regular S1 Program with an A rating or Very Satisfactory

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  • Undergraduate Program (S1)
  • Master of Laws subprogram
  • Notary Masters subprogram
  • Doctoral Program in Law
  • International

Program Sarjana (S1)

Regular Undergraduate Subprogram

Parallel Undergraduate Subprogram

Extension Undergraduate Subprogram

FFor undergraduate programs for regular and parallel classes, the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia (FHUI) only has one study program, the Legal Studies Program, which produces a Bachelor of Laws (SH).


In studying at FHUI, students will be able to direct their interest in specific fields of law through the Specialty Programs (PK), which are offered, namely:

Law on Relationships Between Members of the Community (PK I);
Law on Crime Prevention and Control (PK II);
Legal Practitioners (PK III);
HLaw on Economic Activities (PK IV);
Law on State and Community Relations (PK V);
Law on Transnational Relations (PK VI);
Law on Community Welfare and Social Issues (PK VII)

Cost of education

BBased on the Decree of the Rector of UI No. 406/SK?R/UI/2021

Regular S1 education fees are paid according to the ability of the cost bearer. The payment scheme is called BOP-B (Equitable Education Operational Cost). BOP-B is paid in the range of IDR 100,000 – 5,000,000. For regular undergraduates, as of 2013, there is no entry fee. This is because the entry fee is subsidized by the government through the Operational Assistance for State Universities (BOPTN). Instead, UI uses the Single Tuition Fee or UKT as a payment system where students pay the unit fee that has been determined by the study program and is no longer charged per credit.

Based on the UI Education Fee Decree in 2022:

For regular, Parallel S1 education costs are fixed. Therefore, the amount of the BOP is IDR 13,000,000 per semester and IDR 16,000,000 for the base fee.

For foreigners, the tuition fee for Parallel S1 is fixed. Therefore, the amount of the BOP is IDR 40,000,000 per semester and IDR 30,000,000 for the base fee.

For regular, the cost of S1-Extension education is fixed. Therefore, the amount of the BOP is IDR 17,000,000 per semester and IDR 15,000,000 for the base fee.

Subprogram Magister Ilmu Hukum

The FHUI Master of Law Program is designed to produce professional lawyers with extensive expertise and knowledge in their respective fields.

Master in Legal Studies is divided into 7 (seven) specializations:

  • Economic Law
  • State Law (HTN/HAN
  • Law and the Criminal Justice System
  • Islamic Law and Science
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) & Technology Law
  • International Trade Law
  • Transnational Law
  • Human Rights & Good Governance
  • State Finance Law
  • Labor Law
  • Natural Resources Law
  • Judicial Practice

Enrolment in the Master of Law is through SIMAK

Cost of education

Based on the UI Education Fee Decree in 2022

BOP (Education Operational Fee) Master of Law is paid in the amount of

  • Reguler Rp11.000.000,00
  • Special Rp13.000.000,00
  • Foreigner Rp38.000.000,00

DP (Development Fund) is only paid once when the student is accepted

  • Reguler Rp12.000.000,00
  • Special Rp16.000.000,00
  • Foreigner Rp27.000.000,00

Subprogram Magister Kenotariatan

The Notary Master’s Program is designed with a particular curriculum to produce graduates who master the science of law, especially in the fields of notary and land affairs, and are skilled in applying it in various legal areas, including as a Notary, Land Deed Maker (PPAT) and Consultant.

Lectures are held using the Semester Credit Unit (SKS) system. The study load is 42 credits consisting of National Curriculum Compulsory Courses, Local Compulsory Courses, and Elective Courses.

The Master of Notary Affairs enrolment is through SIMAK UI.

The teaching staff in the notary master education program consists of notary practitioners, Land Deed Maker Officials, and academics who are experts in their respective fields.

Cost of education

Based on the UI Education Fee Decree in 2022

The BOP (Education Operational Fee) for Masters of Notary is Rp. 15,000,000.00 for regular classes.

DP (Development Fund) of Rp. 16.000.000 is only paid once when the student is accepted.

Program Doktor Ilmu Hukum

The FHUI Postgraduate Doctoral Program aims to produce Doctors who can:/p>

  • Conduct research, understand the theory and methodology of legal science as an approach to dealing with various legal problems,
  • Being a driver of legal reform and putting forward the law to solve multiple issues,
  • Applying their knowledge in the implementation of daily tasks,

Cost of education

Based on the UI Education Fee Decree in 2022

The tuition fee for S3 (Doctoral) Legal Studies consists of a Development Fund (DP), which only paid once when the student is accepted.

  • Reguler Rp22.000.000,00
  • Special Rp22.000.000,00
  • Foreigner Rp30.000.000,00

In addition, the Education Operational Cost (BOP), for every semester is

  • Reguler Rp24.000.000,00
  • Special Rp26.000.000,00
  • Foreigner Rp45.000.000,00


  • International Special Class
    • International Class Undergraduate Program
  • Summer Course
  • Visiting Lecturer
  • Internasional Partnership
  • Course Plan Internasional Undergraduate Program
    • Course Plan International Odd Semester
    • Course Plan International Even Semester