Environmental Engineering

Program Overview

The Environmental Engineering Program aims to produce environmental engineering graduates who are professional and adept at planning, design (system, building, and structure), implementation and management in the field of: drinking water supply, liquid and solid (non B3 and B3) waste management, drainage, environmental sanitation, water resources, air pollution, pollution prevention, and environmental impact analysis. Occupations that require environmental engineering expertise vary in terms of dimension and scope, such as: drainage system, clean water supply system, solid and liquid other toxic waste management system.

Accreditation Status:

  • National Accreditation Board for Institutions of Higher Education (BAN PT): B
  • ASEAN University Network (AUN) 2008 Accreditation (under the Department of Civil Engineering)

Fast Track Scheme
A Fast-track program is available for undergraduate students who qualify, allowing them to complete both their Bachelor and Master studies within five years, one year shorter than the regular curriculum program.

Tuition Fees
The tuition fee for the Regular Undergraduate Program is determined in accordance with the ability of the student to pay. This payment scheme, known as the Fair Education Operational Costs (Biaya Operasional Pendidikan Berkeadilan /BOP-B), ranges between IDR 100,000 – IDR 7,500,000. Since 2013, Regular Undergraduate students are no longer required to pay a development fee, since it is subsidized by the government through the State University Operational Support (Bantuan Operasional Perguruan Tinggi Negeri / BOPTN).

UI applies UKT (Integrated Academic Fee) as its payment system where students pay an integrated academic fee for each study programme and no longer pay according to the number of credit units they take every semester. The tuition fee is fixed for the Parallel Undergraduate Programme, where UKT applies too. The tuition fee is IDR 7,500,000 per semester and the admission fee is IDR 45,000,000.

Admission Schedule
Please refer to UI Admission page at http://penerimaan.ui.ac.id

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