Metallurgy and Material Engineering

Programme Overview

The Metallurgy and Material Engineering Programme aims to produce engineering graduates equipped with the ability to determine and engineer, process the forming of and control the characteristics of metals and nonmetals. Our present curriculum refers to metallurgical and material design, material forming processes, which is designed to meet industry-specific needs. The emphasis is on basic knowledge and engineering principles combined with the applications of metallurgical principles and behavior of materials.

In addition, graduates of the Metallurgy and Material Engineering study programme UI are also equipped with the ability to analyze material failure due to usage. In 2001, the number of graduates of our undergraduate programme almost reached 2,000 who have found jobs within various government and private sectors such as automotive, manufacturing, heavy machinery, mining as well as oil and gas, etc., both nationally and overseas.

Study Specializations:

  • Metals
  • Polymers

Accreditation Status:

  • National Accreditation Board for Institutions of Higher Education (BAN PT): A
  • ASEAN University Network (AUN) 2010 Accreditation

Fast Track Scheme
A Fast-track programme is available for undergraduate students who qualify, allowing them to complete both their Bachelor and Master studies within five years, one year shorter than the regular curriculum studies.

Comprehensive Information about the Undergraduate Programme in Metallurgy and Material Engineering
– Complete Information Package [PDF]

Tuition Fees
The tuition fee for Undergraduate Programme for Regular Class is paid according to the financial ability of the student, which is known as the BOP-B system (Equitable Academic Operational Fee). The BOP-B ranges between IDR 100,000 – 7,500,000. The Regular Class is no longer required to pay admission fee, effective since 2013, due to the subsidy provided by the government through BOPTN (Operational Assistance for State Universities).

UI applies UKT (Integrated Academic Fee) as its payment system where students pay an integrated academic fee for each study programme and no longer pay according to the number of credit units they take every semester. The tuition fee is fixed for the Parallel Undergraduate Programme, where UKT applies too. The tuition fee is IDR 7,500,000 per semester and the admission fee is IDR 45,000,000.

Admission Schedule
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