Public Health

Programme Overview 

The Public Health study programme aims to produce public health experts in the field of preventive medicine and health promotion, as well as environmental regulation and health management in order to promote the creation of equity and justice in health development. This is because focusing on treatments alone is not enough to improve public health, but it should be accompanied by measures of disease prevention and promotion of healthy living and wellbeing.

The public health study programme only accepts students through the Regular Undergraduate programme. 50% of the students enter through special invitation or the SNMPTN, and the other 50% are accepted through the written tests, SBMPTN and SIMAK-UI.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for the Regular Undergraduate Programme are paid according to the financial ability of the students, which is known as the BOP-B system (Equitable Academic Operational Fee). The tuition fees range between IDR 100,000 – 7,500,000. Students are no longer required to pay admission fees, effective since 2013, due to subsidies provided by the government through BOPTN (Operational Assistance for State Universities). UI applies UKT (Integrated Academic Fee) as its payment system where students pay an integrated academic fee for each study programme and no longer pay according to the number of credit units they take every semester.

Admission Schedule

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