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Campus Life

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Event & Traditions UI

Traces of the history and the spirit of the growth of Universitas Indonesia are reflected in the regular campus events. So let’s join and be part of the proud activities of the University of Indonesia.

Student Activities

UI campus provides many choices of places and facilities for students to have more practical activities outside of the classroom. So let’s find more opportunities to meet friends, share new ideas, build new experiences, and develop interests and skills to a widen network through available activities.

Live in Depok

Away from home, student can adjust several housing options around campus to their budgets and needs. Around UI, accommodations range from UI dormitories, kost, and apartments. The dormitories are located within the campus area. At the same time, for kost around UI, there are options in Kutek (Kukusan Teknik), Kukel (Kukusan Kelurahan), Pocin (Pondok Cina), Barel (Balik Rel), Kober, and Srengseng Sawah. Apart from these locations, there are also choices of places in Kober, Barel, Pocin, and Srengseng Sawah. Finally, for those who wish to enjoy a more modern living environment, there are a choice of apartments located on Jalan Margonda Raya with rental prices that vary according to the facilities provided.


Public transportation modes from outside and to the UI campus are available KAI Commuter line, public transportation, and other public transportation options. Even though alternative access to the campus is open, traffic conditions to and from UI are somewhat congested during peak hours. Leaving home early can circumvent us from traffic.

Public transportation on campus is quite convenient. There are conventional ojek, online ojek, and yellow buses. For modes of transport from outside and to campus, the KAI Commuter line is available, as other public transportation options.