Environmental Science

Environmental Science

Programme Description
Environmental Science is the science that describes and answers the causal-effect relations taking place in the environment. The basis of the knowledge is ecology that applies the principles of natural law about the conservation concepts of materials and energy.

When human beings observe their environment, questions arise that incite further observation to get satisfactory answers until a hypothesis is formulated. Based on this hypothesis, steps for research and experiments are arranged and conducted to prove the hypothesis previously made (by observing and applying natural law on the conservation concept of materials and energy) on humans, life, and all the supporting elements of this planet earth until a new theory or theorem is formulated to answer the existing environmental issues.

In its new paradigm, Environmental Science is advanced from the master degree to a doctoral degree; and Environmental Science has developed into a science that provides answer to the needs of:

  • The expansion of study on the process and mechanism of environmental changes.
  • The expansion of environmental research methodology using both qualitative and quantitative approaches as well as participative research,
  • Placing the knowledge about human existentialism and identity within the social system with its environmental knowledge.

The consequence of the answers above is the need for the development of new indicators, formulations and/or theories in environmental science emphasizing:

  • The ability to diagnose environmental issues through the study of processes and mechanisms of environmental changes whether in social issues, biological environmental issues or physical environmental issues.
  • The methodological innovation or the mechanism of solving environmental issues based on the conditions of Indonesia.
  • The formulation of theories on social institutions within the society and the positions of such social institutions in the environment.

Prospective students who wish to enroll in the Ph.D. Programme in Environmental Science must take the SIMAK written test.

Admission Schedule
The admission schedule can be observed in the University of Indonesia Admission Site in the following link : https://penerimaan.ui.ac.id

The Tuition Fees for the Ph.D. Programme in Environmental Science amount to 15.000.000,- IDR per semester. The Development Fund amounting to 6.000.000,- IDR is to be paid only upon admission.


Environmental Science Programme
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Contact Person : Sdr. Erny Dasmawati, M. Si/Dr. dr. Tri Edhi Budhi Soesilo, M. Si
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