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Perpustakaan UI

The UI Library is one of the central supporting units for academic activities (learning, teaching, and research). The UI Library has around 1.5 million collections stored in the UI Library and several faculty libraries. As a teaching and research support unit, the UI Library strives to develop itself by adding the latest collections, subscribing to various online databases, developing systems, and providing excellent service to users. Currently, the UI Library is one of the reference libraries for universities in Indonesia and is a trendsetter in library development in Indonesia

UI Library


  • UI Stadium
    The University of Indonesia Stadium has been transformed into a sports center with the number one facilities in Depok City. 
    • Running Track
      UUI facilitates every extra-curricular activity that encourages the potential and achievements of students with a positive, competitive spirit and sporty spirit. One of them is the running track at the UI Stadium.
    • Soccer Field
      By using artificial turf, the football field is excellent for use on both hot and rainy days. The athletic track also uses rubber, making it safer for students to practice and compete. Stadium lights are also ready to illuminate sports activities at sunset.
  • Felfest UI
    FFelfest UI, or Felicity Festival UI, is one of the facilities to support campus activities and programs in UI. Previously, this Felfest was only for student activities, lecturers, and members. However, currently, Felfest has been opened to the public. Felfest UI provides various facilities, including meeting points, indoor and outdoor lakeside gatherings, a wedding venue, and sports facilities such as a golf driving range, archery, and a swimming pool
    • Golf Driving Range
    • Swimming Pool


  • SOR UI
    The development of SOR UI is UI’s effort to facilitate every extra-curricular activity of the academic community to encourage potential and sportsmanship. SOR Zone 1 will have 2 Indoor Halls, each consisting of 3 multisport courts, so a total of 6 courts will be available. The SOR UI Zone 1 multisport court will accommodate Futsal, Basketball, and Volley sports. In addition, it will be supported by other facilities such as Toilets & Bathrooms, Changing rooms & Locker rooms, Warehouse, Mushola, and Stairs & Ramps to facilitate persons with disabilities
    • Futsal
    • Basketball
    • Volley Court


  • Gymnasium UI
    The UI Gymnasium is an indoor sports facility with volleyball and badminton courts. In addition, the UI Gymnasium is often used for volleyball and badminton competitions between faculties at UI.
    • Badminton
    • Volley Court


  • Soccer Field


  • Tennis Court

Seni & Budaya

  • Makara Art Center
    Makara Art Center is a building near Lake Kenanga UI, the center of art activities built by UI for students and the general public. UI created This building to allow visitors to enjoy art performances from the top floor or rooftop. The facilities available include acoustic equipment, a gallery that can accommodate approximately 100 large paintings, a performing arts practice room, and a workshop room. The development of MAC UI is intended so that this area can develop like Taman Ismail Marzuki.
  • Pusgiwa UI
    The UI Student Activity Center Building consists of eight floors used for student activities at the University of Indonesia and the workplace for staff at the University of Indonesia. With the concept of green building, this building is energy efficient and friendly to students with disabilities. Furthermore, this building is expected to spur students to achieve even more because apart from being modern, this building also prioritizes complete and comfortable facilities. The relocation of the Directorate of Student Affairs and the Directorate of Alumni to the Pusgiwa building is also expected to facilitate coordination between students and campus bureaucrats in their respective functions.


  • Wisma Makara
    WWisma Makara, located in the University of Indonesia, Depok campus, is one of the best accommodation facilities in the South Jakarta and Depok City areas. A very suitable place for various activities such as seminars, training, education and training, and workshops. Its location is in a beautiful rubber forest environment, and the blue lake makes the atmosphere calm, relaxed, and comfortable. Therefore, this place will support your activities, especially for those who need peace to rest.
  • Dormitory
    UI Depok dormitory is very well known as a residence for UI students outside the city of Depok or Jakarta. This dormitory is provided for students who are studying at UI so that they can adjust to the campus environment. The hostel offers standard (non-AC), AC, or VIP rooms. UI student dormitories have complete facilities and infrastructure, including canteens, gazebos, mini markets, basketball and futsal courts, public television, photo coffee kiosks, and laundry kiosks. There is also an ojek base that operates 24 hours to support the smooth transportation of students so that students can move quickly. Based on the applicable regulations, students who wish to live in a dormitory must first apply for a residence permit from the faculty.


  • UI Station (Commuter line)
    Universitas Indonesia Station, or UI Station, is a class I train station located in Pondok Cina Village, Beji District, Depok City, West Java. The station, located at an altitude of +74 m, only serves the KRL Commuter Line, is right on the campus area of the University of Indonesia, and is the northernmost train station in West Java for the Manggarai-Bogor-Padalarang route, precisely in Depok City. Therefore, KRL users at this station are dominated by University of Indonesia students and locals living around the campus area.


  • Bikun (UI Yellow Bus)
    Universitas Indonesia provides 13 campus buses to serve the transportation needs of students on campus. The yellow buses will routinely operate routes within the campus from 07.00 to 21.00. If you want to borrow the Yellow Bus, you can contact the Directorate of Student Affairs.


  • RSUI
    The UI Hospital (RSUI) is the first State Higher Education Hospital (RS-PTN) in Indonesia that has a physical concept and design with a Green Hospital Concept that is environmentally friendly and fully oriented to patient safety. The building covers an area of 82,074 square meters, stands on an area of 106,100 square meters, and is located in the complex area of the Health Sciences Building (RIK), UI Depok Campus, which has a sky bridge as a direct link between RSUI and the RIK building.


  • Klinik Satelit Makara UI
    Located near the UI Faculty of Engineering, this clinic has three floors. To provide services in general polyclinics, dental polyclinics, and pharmacies, this clinic is ready to offer other services in the future. Currently, UI Satellite Clinic is preparing to provide child development clinics, reproductive health clinics, and clinics for the elderly. This Satellite Clinic is one of seven satellite clinics to be built in the Greater Jakarta area. This clinic is included in the primary service. In tiered health services, a person can take advantage of direct services before being referred to a hospital. Therefore, this clinic is also being prepared to provide services for BPJS cardholders.


  • BNI
    Bank Negara Indonesia is one of the banks that opened branches in the University of Indonesia area. The unit is located in the Central Library of the University of Indonesia. In addition, BNI ATMs are also spread in various locations within UI, such as the Balairung, RIK, Faculty of Psychology, FISIP, FMIPA, FIB, and FKM.


  • Mandiri
    Bank Mandiri is one of the banks that opened branches in the University of Indonesia area. The unit is located at the UI Faculty of Economics and Business. In addition, there are ATMs in various locations, including the FEB and the Faculty of Psychology.


Faculty Canteens
The Universitas Indonesia has various faculties. These faculties have canteens with unique names. Enjoy the variety of mouth-watering canteen dishes while exploring the atmosphere of the different faculties.