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Faculty of Medicine UI Students Achieved AFSM’s Young Researcher Award

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A research conducted by Tradygta Chantya Raissa Natanggi – a student of the Faculty of Medicine (FK), Universitas Indonesia (UI) – received the AFSM’s Young Researcher Award for the Poster Presentation category. The award was given at the 18th Asian Federation of Sports Medicine Congress & 8th ISN International Sports Medicine and Sports Science Conference in Sabah, Malaysia, on April 26-28, 2024.

The research titled “The Relationship of Compliance in the Friday Run Program with the Physical Fitness of Junior High School Students in Central Jakarta: A Longitudinal Observational Study” highlighted the relationship between students’ compliance in following the “Friday Run” physical exercise program and the physical fitness level of junior high school students in Central Jakarta. Observations were conducted for nine weeks and the students’ physical fitness level was measured using the Bleep test.

“This study focused on schools that implement the Lari Jumat program that asks students to walk 2 km every week on Fridays before class starts. In this observation, the predictive value of VO2max or a picture of a person’s heart and lung fitness serves as a predictive indicator of physical fitness level measured on 30 random students,” he said.

The results showed that 83% of students had a good level of participation in this program. The average predictive value of VO2max measured through the Bleep test was 25.95(4.35) ml/kg/minute with a minimum of 20.04 ml/kg/minute and a maximum of 35 ml/kg/minute. These values show that most students are in the moderate range. Therefore, there is still room to improve students’ physical fitness through optimizing the quality of physical exercise programs at school.

On the other hand, this study found that students’ participation and compliance in the Friday Run program did not directly correlate with the level of physical fitness. This is proven by the fact that students who are part of student councils (OSIS) have a higher level of physical fitness because they run the OSIS Run program. “Exposure to more physical activities and exercises gives better results. However, further research is required to investigate the factors associated with achieving appropriate physical fitness for junior high school students,” said Tradygta.

Tradygta’s research was supervised by a lecturer from the Sports Medicine Specialist Study Program, Department of Community Medicine FKUI, Dr. dr. Listya Tresnanti Mirtha, Sp.KO, Subsp.APK(K), MARS. She expressed her pride for Tradygta’s achievement. “Hopefully this success will be the beginning of Tradygta’s achievements to find innovative ways to improve the world from the door of research. Congratulations Tradygta, as a mentor. You deserve the best!” he said.

Dean of FKUI Prof. Dr. dr. Ari Fahrial Syam, Sp.PD-KGEH, MMB also appreciated Tradygta’s achievement. He said, “Congratulations to Tradygta Chantya Raissa Natanggi for her proud achievement in the national arena. Hopefully this achievement can be a spark for FKUI students to continue to develop themselves in the world of research and have a positive impact on society. We also thank you for the dedication and contribution in guiding students to continue to achieve achievements.”

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