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Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia Own A Big Data Center IMERI-IDEALAB To Manage Health Big Data

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Indonesian Medical Education and Research Institute (IMERI) Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia (FKUI) supported by venture builder UMG Idealab has realized the IMERI-IDEALAB Big Data Center, which is an integrated “One Stop Service” service in the management of big data in the health sector. IMERI Director Prof. dr. Badriul Hegar, Ph.D., SpA(K)., said that IMERI has a vision to develop research in the fields of Medical Education and Medical Science, especially involving health big data. “IMERI is expected to be able to facilitate researchers with a platform that can process biological, clinical, social and environmental data, to develop a new health service in order to provide benefits for health services for the people of Indonesia,” he said. Departing from the same vision, IDEALAB is willing to cooperate with IMERI in building the Health Big Data Center Platform. President Director of UMG Idealab Achmad Syaefi stated, “We recognize IMERI as a forum for medical experts and practitioners to contribute to education and research, we believe we are with the right partnersto jointly realize inclusive and accessible health services.” On the same occasion, Founder of UMG Idealab Kiwi Aliwarga added, “This collaboration is a tangible manifestation of UMG Idealab’s commitment to continue to develop the role of technology 4.0 in various lines of life for Indonesian people, including in the health sector.”

The Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia (FKUI) Prof. Dr. dr. Ari Fahrial Syam, SpPD-KGEH., MMB said, “This Big Data Center (BDC) is an effort where we can utilize health data optimally. Not only for the interests of UI, but also for national and even global interests, because big health data analysis analyzed with artificial intelligence can be used to improve people’s welfare,” he said. Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation UI, drg. Nurtami, Ph.D., Sp,OF(K), who was also present online hopes that through this BDC, IMERI will make real efforts to manage integrated research data to continue to improve the quality of research from the health sciences field and facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration. “Collaboration in research and innovation with national and international partners is very important to be able to provideacademic, society, and economic impact to the community,” he said. In the presentation material at the time of launching in December 2021, the Deputy Director of IMERI for Research and Innovation, Prof. Dr. dr. Budi Wiweko, SpOG(K), MPH said that the presence of a health data center at IMERI has the potential to facilitate researchers in the field of medicine in particular and medical informatics in general. Furthermore, the information will be processed and managed into knowledge and artificial intelligence service algorithms that are useful for improving the quality of health services. dr. Aly Lamury, MSc as the Deputy Head of Technical BDC IMERI-IDEALAB said Big Data Center IMERI-IDEALAB provides services that can be used by customers including health data storage, labeling, management, analysis, and development of artificial intelligence-based algorithms in one platform based on cloud computing technology. . Deputy Head of Administrative BDC IMERI-IDEALAB, Muhammad Satrio Utomo, MSc, said that to expand the benefits, BDC provides promos for new users, namely the existence of a free trial for service of

Data Storage for 1GB in 30 days ans also a service promo of Data Storage for 100GB for 3 months for 10 of the first 50 lucky registrants. According to the Chairperson of the IMERI-IDEALAB Big Data Center, Prasandhya Astagiri Yusuf, S.Si., M.T., Ph.D said, the IMERI-IDEALAB Big Data Center is expected to provide convenience, comfort, and guaranteed security. “Hopefully the IMERI-IDEALAB Big Data Center can be

a solution and become a ‘playground’where researchers meet across scientific fields to optimize health big data that can significantly improve health services in Indonesia,” he said. The Grand Launching of the IMERI-IDEALAB Big Data Center was attended by 260 participants, both through the Zoom meeting and the Medicine UI Youtube channel. The event also attended online Fariz, Ph.D from Tokopedia AI Center Fasilkom UI, Head of Data Science Center FMIPA UI Prof. Alhadi Bustamam, Setiaji from the Digital Transformation Office of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, Dr. Vivi Setiawaty M.Biomed from the Indonesian Ministry of Health’s Balitbangkes, Dean of the UI Health Sciences Clump, Head of Department within the UI Faculty of Medicine, Director of the UI Academic Health System network Hospital, Chair of the UI Academic Health System, and Chairs of the IMERI FKUI cluster.


Source: IMERI FKUI | Editor: Mariana Sumanti

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