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How to Manage Sleep & Napping To Be Healthy During the Covid-19 Pandemic

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In this pandemic era, when people are asked to work from home, there are certainly some things that need to be adjusted in their daily rhythm. One of the things that needs to be considered is sleep time and sleep quality. “Quality sleep is sleep that gives a feeling and condition of being fresh and fit when you wake up,” said Hening Pujasari, S.Kp., M. Biomed., MANP., Ph.D., an observer and researcher of Sleep Disorders. “Fulfillment of quality sleep is obtained by fulfilling sleep hygiene or implementing healthier sleep habits, thus eliminating things that can interfere with sleep,” says Hening Pujasari.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, quality sleep has become more important to maintain physical and mental health (Suni & Rehman, 2021). This quality sleep can increase one’s immunity. This is important to protect the body from disease attacks, including coronavirus infections.

A good night’s sleep can also improve brain function, so that one can think more clearly, be more focused, and be able to solve complex problems. Quality sleep can also improve mental health. Conversely, if a person experiences sleep deprivation, it can trigger depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

According to Hening, the steps that need to be considered to get quality sleep are limiting the consumption of food and drink before bed, the same sleep and wake schedule, doing regular exercise, being in a good environment, napping is part of the recommended nap. The recommended napping time is 10-20 minutes, with a quiet, comfortable environment and dim light.

Quality sleep is important for health and there are many ways that one can achieve quality sleep at home. If sleep is an issue that is not resolved, then one is encouraged to visit a health facility.

This was conveyed by Hening Pujasari during an online community service and empowerment (PPM) activity, entitled “Maintaining Fitness by Managing Sleep and Napping” organized by the Department of Basic Nursing Basic Nursing Faculty of Nursing Science, Universitas Indonesia (DKKD FIK UI) at the end of last month.

The event was also attended by the Dean of Universitas Indonesia Faculty of Nursing Sciences Agus Setiawan, S.Kp., M.N., D.N., and the Head of the Basic Nursing Department, Dr. Hanny Handiyani, S.Kp., M.Kep. In his remarks, Agus Setiawan emphasized that a good sleep pattern is one way to increase the body’s immunity and maintain a healthy body during a pandemic.

Hanny Handiyani hopes that this activity can increase the knowledge of the general public, especially workers with shift work hours, regarding the need for sleep and napping. He also emphasized that the Ministry of Manpower has established the right of workers to rest between jobs.

He gave an example, after working for approximately 4 hours, then get a 30-minute break. If a nurse is on night duty, approximately 10 hours, then they will have a break of 1 hour and 15 minutes. Thus, nurses must be able to maximize napping to maintain fitness by using time optimally for rest.

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