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Improving Financial Reporting Transparency, UI Held Coaching Clinic for Southeast Minahasa Regency Government

Universitas Indonesia > News > Faculty of Administration News > Improving Financial Reporting Transparency, UI Held Coaching Clinic for Southeast Minahasa Regency Government

UI continues to increase the capacity of government administration in Indonesia, one of which is the Southeast Minahasa Regency. Faculty of Administration Sciences UI provides a coaching clinic on preparing annual regional property reports for the Southeast Minahasa Regency Government through the electronic-based regional property application. The activity was held on Thursday (1/2) in the Meeting Room of Building M, Faculty of Administration Sciences UI.

According to Faculty of Administration Sciences UI Secretary Dr. Umanto, M.Sc., electronic-based regional property application training is required for local governments to ensure employees have the skills to use information technology to increase efficiency and transparency in financial reporting. “This also supports adaptation to technological developments and minimizes the risk of errors in the regional financial audit process,” said Dr. Umanto.

The training was given to this district because the area has used the application to compile the annual reports. Since 2014, Southeast Minahasa Regency has used SIMDA, but it will switch to an electronic-based regional property application to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

The Regional Secretary of Southeast Minahasa Regency, David Harrywan Lalandos, AP., M.M., hopes the Coaching Clinic can optimize the use of the application in preparing the Annual Report in Southeast Minahasa Regency. Therefore, the audit process by the Financial Audit Agency can run accurately.

“Credits to the Faculty of Administration Sciences UI—Administrative Science Study and Research Institute Team for guiding us in operating the application proficiently. We need guidance in preparing the BMD Annual Report, especially after migrating to the application in 2021. We know that there are migration differences to be corrected. With the presence of the Faculty of Administration Sciences UI Team, we are confident that the process will run smoothly,” he said.

The electronic-based regional property application is important for local governments in increasing efficiency, accuracy, and transparency in managing regional assets. Using this system, local governments can prepare financial reports, minimize the risk of errors, and facilitate the audit process. It also supports better economic governance. This system ensures regional compliance with regulations and accelerates adaptation to technological developments in the digital era.

The UI Coaching Clinic event was also attended by the Deputy Head of LPPIA, Bramana Purwasetya, S.Sos., M.Sc.; Head of the Southeast Minahasa Regency Regional Finance and Assets Agency, Dr. Mecky R.T. Tumimomor, S.E., M.Si.; Southeast Minahasa Regency Treasurer, and Southeast Minahasa Regency BKAD officials.

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