Administration Studies

The Master’s Programme in Administration Studies aims to produce graduates equipped with:

  1. skills for analyzing problems from the perspective of Administration Studies;
  2. theories and methodologies of Administration Studies to examine and contribute to the development of theories and their applications appropriate to the chosen specialization.
  3. tools to interpret macro policy of the government and micro policy of the actors in the economic sector in an orderly fashion.


  1. Public Policy and Administration
  2. Business Policy and Administration
  3. Tax Policy and Administration
  4. Human Resources Policy and Administrations
  5. Public Sector Management, and
  6. Good Governance Studies

The entrance to the Master’s Programme in Administrative Studies is through the SIMAK written exam.

Tuition Fees
To join the Master’s Programme in Administrative students are required to pay a semester tuition fee (BOP) amounting to Rp 13,000,000 for the special class in Public Policy and Administration, Educational Policy and Administration, and Tax Policy and Administration. For a specialisation in Human Resource Management and Administration, Public Sector Management, and Governance Studies, the tuition fee is Rp 14,000,000 per semester, in addition to a one-time Development Fee (DP) of Rp 10,000,000 paid at enrollment.