The Master’s Programme in Sociology is designed to equip students with critical thinking, communication skills and a high social awareness. Thus graduates of the program share a comprehensive sociological perspective supported by their excellence in research methodology. Furthermore, they are capable of designing social development and providing solutions to social problems. One of the aims of the programme is to produce sociologists skilled at developing the understanding, analyses, and theories on the development of Indonesian society in particular, and its relation to other societies in other nations. The programme also aims to produce specialists who are able to design social policy for Indonesia.

The entrance to the Master’s Programme in Sociology is through the SIMAK written entrance exam.

Tuition Fees
The tuition fee (BOP) for the Master’s Programme in Sociology is Rp 10,000,000 in addition to, a one-time Development Fee (DP) of Rp 4,000,000 charged at enrolment.