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Management Structure

The Board of Trustees (MWA) is the highest body in the university that represents the interests of the government, the interests of the community, and the interests of the university itself. MWA’s membership consists of several elements: Minister (Sector of Education), University Academic Senate, Chancellor, Society, Employees, and Students, all appointed/dismissed by the Minister for a term of 5 years. For students, the period of office is only limited to one year, replaced by representatives from other students who are more junior, considering their main task is to complete lecture activities.

TThe main task of the MWA is to establish general university policies, appoint/dismiss university leaders, carry out public oversight and control functions over university management, and conduct performance appraisals of university leaders.

You can be obtained complete information from the official website of the Board of Trustees at

The following is the composition of the MWA management for the 2019-2024 period, which was appointed on March 26, 2019.

Dr. (HC) KH Yahya Cholil StaqufKetua
Prof. Dr. Ir. Praswasti PDK Wulan, M.T.Sekretaris
Nadiem Anwar Makarim, B.A., M.B.A.Menteri Pendidikan, Kebudayaan, Riset dan Teknologi Indonesia
Prof. Ari Kuncoro, SE., MA., Ph.D.Rektor UI
Prof. Dr. Tri Hayati, S.H., M.H.Wakil Dosen
Prof. Dr. Amy Yayuk Sri Rahayu, M.Si.Wakil Dosen
Dr. Enie Novieastari, S.Kp., M.S.N.Wakil Dosen
Prof. Drs. Heru Suhartanto, M.Sc., Ph.D.Wakil Dosen
Prof. Dr. Bambang Wibawarta, S.S., M.A.Wakil Dosen
Prof. Dr. Budi Frensidy, S.E., Ak., M.Com., CPA.Wakil Dosen
Dr. (HC) Noni Purnomo, B.Eng., MBA.Wakil Masyarakat
Dr. Muh. Yusuf Ateh, Ak., MBA, CSFA, CGCAE.Wakil Masyarakat
Dr. Ir. Setia N Miliatia Moemin, MBA.Wakil Masyarakat
Ir. Irfan SetiaputraWakil Masyarakat
Dr. Dany Amrul Ichdan, S.E., M.Sc.Wakil Masyarakat
Tikka Anggraeni, M.Si., CPR.Wakil Tenaga Kependidikan
Muhammad Zahid AbdullahWakil Mahasiswa

Duties and Responsibilities

MWA has duties and obligations:

  1. Establish the general policy of UI after obtaining consideration from SA and DGB;
  2. Supervise UI’s financial condition;
  3. Ratify the Long Term Development Plan (RPJP), Strategic Plan (Renstra), and RKA and evaluate their implementation;
  4. Provide input to the Rector on the management of UI and the implementation of laws and regulations;
  5. Assessing the performance of the Rector once a year, together with SA and DGB
  6. Appoint and dismiss the Rector of UI; and
  7. Resolve UI problems that other organs cannot resolve after considering coordination meetings between organs.

If the resolution of the problem, as referred to in item 7, cannot be resolved by the MWA, the settlement is carried out by the Minister.

MWA may delegate its authority in writing to the Rector for specific tasks.

MWA is assisted by the Audit Committee (KA) and the Risk Committee (KR) in carrying out its duties.

Risk Committee

The Risk Committee (KR) consists of at least 5 (five) people comprised of the chairman, secretary, and members.

The chairman of the risk committee is a member of the MWA who comes from the community and has competence in a business, organization, and risk management.

Risk committee members are appointed for a term of office of 5 (five) years and may be reappointed for 1 () representation of office.

The chairperson, secretary, and risk committee members are appointed and dismissed by MWA.

The risk committee is responsible for MWA.

The risk committee is in charge of the following:

  1. review UI risk guidelines;
  2. reviewing the risk aspects of UI development and cooperation policies;
  3. mensure that UI conducts risk analysis of significant growth and collaboration plans; and
  4. evaluate the risk analysis of UI development and cooperation proposals.

The risk committee must consist of members who have overall expertise in the areas of:

  1. risk management;
  2. finance;
  3. communication;
  4. marketing; and
  5. information Technology.
Dr. Darmin Nasution, SE Ketua
Prof. Dr. Ir. Teuku Yuri M. Zagloel, M.Eng.Sc  Sekretaris
Prof. Hikmahanto Juwana, S.H,. LL.M,. Ph.D  Anggota
Sumantri Slamet Iman Santoso, Ph.D  Anggota
Mirza Adityaswara, SE., M.App. Fin Anggota

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee comprises at least 5 (five) people, the chairman, secretary, and members.

The Chairman of the Audit Committee is a member of the MWA. He comes from the community element, has competence in the fields of organization, accounting, and finance, and has sufficient time and commitment to carry out his duties.

Members of the Audit Committee are appointed for a term of office of 5 (five) years and may be reappointed for 1 (one) terms of office

The chairman, secretary, and members of the Audit Committee are appointed and dismissed by MWA.

The Audit Committee is in charge of the following:

  1. Reviewing UI internal audit policies made by the internal supervisory unit;
  2. Provide recommendations to MWA to appoint and appoint external audit personnel;
  3. Request and review internal audit reports regularly;
  4. Monitor the follow-up process to external audit reports;
  5. Studying and assessing the results of internal and external audits to be submitted to MWA
  6. Conduct risk management analysis as consideration for MWA in approving agreements concerning UI assets.

In carrying out its work, the Audit Committee can obtain all required information from the internal supervisory unit and external auditors.

Disclosure of information between the Audit Committee and the auditors is regulated in the Audit Committee Charter and the Internal Audit Charter.

The Audit Committee is responsible for MWA.

The Audit Committee must consist of members who have overall expertise in the areas of:

  1. Accounting, including public-sector accounting
  2. Audit
  3. Organization
  4. Law
Yohanes Jap, S.A., S.E.Ketua
Myrnie Zachraini Tamin, S.E, MH, CA. Sekretaris
Drs. Haryanto Sahari CPA, CA. Anggota
Wimbanu Widyatmoko, SH Anggota
Mieke Djalil, BSC Anggota
Mohamad Hassan, MAFIS, QIA, CRMP, CRMA, CAAnggota
Hartiadi Budi Santoso, SEAnggota