Programme Overview
In this professional programme, students are trained to be able to plan and to perform treatments on patients in a comprehensive manner in accordance with the dentistry competence standard stipulated by KKI. The students are expected to perform their duties in society according to the demands of their profession.

Evaluation at both the academic stage and the integrated clinical-professional stage are conducted regularly. Comprehensive exams are held during the clinical-professional stage. Evaluations are not only performed to assess students’ acquired skills, but also to assess students’ knowledge on professional behaviors, such as those related to professional ethics and legal affairs. Today, the Faculty of Dentistry (FKG UI) has produced more than 2,400 Bachelors of Dentistry (S.KG), working in various sectors, such as education, health, as well as defense and security.

Admissions Schedule
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The tuition Fees for the Professional Programme are Rp. 7,500,000.-/ semester for regular classes and Rp. 30,000,000.-/ semester for special classes. The Development Fund (DP) amounting to Rp. 60,000,000.- is only paid once at the beginning of the programme for special classes.

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