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Biomedics Master (S2) Programme

Biomedical Technology Master Programme

Course Description

The Biomedical Technology Master Programme offers three specialisations, namely:

  • Biomedical Instrumentation and Rehabilitation Technology
  • Biomedical Informatics
  • Clinical Technology

Admission to the Political Sciences Master Programme is obtained through SIMAK UI, a written examination

Tuition Fee

Based on the Decree “UI Tuition Fees 2022”

The fees consist of an Operational Tuition Fee (BOP) payable each semester amounting to

  • Regular Rp 13.000.000,00.
  • Special Rp 19.000.000,00.
  • Foreign nationals Rp 35.000.000,00.
  • Research Rp 20.000.000,00.

and a Developmental Fee (DP) to be paid only once on admission, amounting to

  • Regular Rp 15.000.000,00.
  • Special Rp 15.000.000,00.
  • Foreign nationals Rp 25.000.000,00.
  • Research Rp 20.000.000,00.



Student Admission

Information about requirements, pathways, and the mechanism for new students registration at Universitas Indonesia

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