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Communication Sciences Master ( S2 ) Degree

Communication Sciences Master Programme

Course Description

The Communication Sciences Master Programme was established in 1982. It was founded as a specialisation of the Social Sciences Master Programme. 1994 saw the specialisation of programmes: a specialised Masters of Communication Management was established, one of a more practical nature and focused on management in the media and informational industries.

Courses are conducted in the Salemba Campus, more specifically in the IASTH Building, 6th floor (behind the former Rectorate).

To complete this programme students must complete courses and a thesis amounting to 45 credits (SKS).

The Communication Sciences Master Programme comprises of two specialisations, namely:

  1. The Communication Sciences Masters Class, also known as the Regular Class, focuses on media and communication studies.
  2. The Communication Management Class focuses on the management of media, promotional and marketing communication, corporational communication, and political communication.

The Regular Class is held during the day, while the Communication Management Class is held during evenings.

Admission to the Communication Sciences Master Programme is obtained through SIMAK UI, a written examination.

Tuition Fee

Based on the decree “UI Tuition Fees 2022”

The Operational Tuition Fee (BOP) of the Communication Sciences Master Programme amounts to:

  • Regular Rp14.000.000,00
  • Special Rp18.000.000,00
  • Foreign nationals Rp40.000.000,00

and a Developmental Fund (DP) to be paid only on admission:

  • Regular Rp10.000.000,00
  • Special Rp14.000.000,00
  • Foreign nationals Rp27.000.000,00


Student Admission

Information about requirements, pathways, and the mechanism for new students registration at Universitas Indonesia

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