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Management Doctoral (S3) Programme

Doctorate of Management

Course Description

The Postgraduate Degree of Management (PPIM) is a part of the Faculty of Economics, Universitas Indonesia. The Programme, in accordance with the visions of the Faculty of Economics, Universitas Indonesia, aims toward the following vision: “To become a renowned Management Postgraduate (S2 & S3) Programme throughout Southeast Asia. Consistently adhering to this vision, in its development and functioning the programme puts a heavy emphasis on the quality of its academic staff and participants of the programme. Members of the academic stuff possess not only commendable background in education and experience in their line of work, but also considerable research experience. The students, on the other hand, have been selected through a stringent admission process.

The Postgraduate Degree of Management always emphasises high quality in teaching and learning in order to maintain the quality of transfer of knowledge and communication between lecturers and students Through Participant Centred Learning, which involves active participation on the part of the students, all components involved are always motivated to respond to the whole dynamics of discussion in each session of the courses.
PPIM aims to produce graduates who:

  • Master their field of discipline profoundly,
  • Possess leadership and an innovative attitude,
  • Capable of being pioneers of the discovery and development of knowledge, and
  • Capable to spread or apply their expertise and knowledge effectively in their places of work.

Integrated coordination, integrated systems, and innovations constantly applied by PPIM reap the fruits of an excellent accreditation rank in all categories and specialities PPIM makes itself part of. The aforementioned achievements attest to PPIM’s excellence and its contribution towards UI’s reputation on a national and global scale.

Tuition Fee

Based on UI Rector Regulation No. 4 of 2021

The fees to be paid consists of

an Operational Tuition Fee (BOP), amounting to

Financial Management Rp30.000.000,00

Corporate Strategy Management Rp45.000.000,00

and an Entrance Fee (Uang Pangkal / UP) amounting to

Financial Management Rp11.000.000,00

Corporate Strategy Management Rp11.000.000,00


. Faculty of Economics Postgraduate Building
UI Depok Campus
Depok City, West Java
Phone. (021) 7270164, 7872588-89
Facs. (021) 788491555

Student Admission

Information about requirements, pathways, and the mechanism for new students registration at Universitas Indonesia

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