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Master of Anthropology (Master’s Degree)

Master of Anthropology

Course Description

Objectives of the Anthropology Master Program:

  1. Produce graduates who are critical and appreciate the diversity and dynamics of social and cultural life in local, national and global contexts.
  2. Produce graduates who are able to carry out anthropological research independently and collaboratively both within and across disciplines to describe and analyze the reality of diversity and the dynamics of socio-cultural life.

Admission to the Anthropology Master’s Program is taken through SIMAK UI written examination.

Tuition Fee

Based on the UI Education Fee Decree in 2022

Education Operational Cost for Anthropology Master’s Program is paid in the amount of Rp 14.000.000,00 for regular classes and Rp 40.000.000,00 for non-Indonesian citizen classes

Development Fund is only paid once when entering the program in the amount of Rp 6.000.000,00 for regular classes and Rp 27.000.000,00 for foreigners


Student Admission

Information about requirements, pathways, and the mechanism for new students registration at Universitas Indonesia

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