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Tourism Vocational Education Study Program (Vocational)

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Tourism Vocational Education Study Program

Course Description

to be the center of exellence for vocational education in ASEAN


Organizing vocational education in Tourism with an emphasis on practice according to user needs to produce professional associates of international standard.
Development of the field of Tourism through Research & Service for the needs and interests of the community.

Competency Certification
Objectives of Education
The Tourism Study Program has a goal to produce Intermediate Tourism Experts who are able to manage tourist travel businesses professionally.

Competencies of Graduate
Graduates of the Tourism Vocational Education Program will have the following main competencies in the field of tourism:

  1. Able to operate a travel service business
  2. Able to apply management concepts in tourism business activities
  3. Able to apply the concept of service in carrying out tourism business activities
  4. Able to use spoken and written language in Indonesian and English in travel business activities
  5. Able to apply socio-cultural and ecological concepts in tourism business activities
  6. Able to apply tourism professional ethics in their work
  7. Able to apply information technology in tourism

Working fields of Graduate

  1. Airlines sector: Singapore, Malaysia, Cathay, dan Garuda
  2. Tour & Travel Sector: PT. Aviation Indonesia Travel Services (AITS), PT AVS, Panorama, Vayatour, Dwidaya, Smailing and other travel companies.
  3. Areas of special specialization: National Parks, National Institute of Oceanology (LON), Bogor Botanical Gardens, Indonesian Conservation, MICE Companies and others.
  4. Government Agencies: Ministry of Tourism, and Tourism Offices.

Industrial Partner
To support the learning process, the Vocational Education Program has collaborated with the Association of Indonesian Travel Companies known as the Association of the Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies (ASITA). ASITA is an association that accommodates entrepreneurs or business actors in the field of travel services in Indonesia. The Study Program also collaborates with the Association of Indonesian Exhibition Companies (ASPERAPI), the Indonesian Recreational Park Business Association (PUTRI) and various other associations.

The lecture process consists of 70% Practice and 30% Theory. In the 6th semester, an integrated practice of Java Bali Overland was held. After participating in the whole learning process for 6 semesters, graduates will receive at least 1 certificate of competence from the University of Indonesia P1 Professional Certification Institute (LSP) which is valid nationally and internationally in addition to the Diploma Three in Tourism with the title of Associate Expert in Tourism (Amd.Par). Competency certificates that will be given to students include competency certificates for Tourism Guide Techniques and Reservation Systems.

Tuition Fee

Based on the UI Education Fees Decree in 2022

The education fee for Tourism Vocational Education Study Program are fixed. with the BOP (fee) Rp10.000.000 per semester.

The Development Fund is Rp 11.500.000.



Student Admission

Information about requirements, pathways, and the mechanism for new students registration at Universitas Indonesia

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