Research Roadmap

Research Roadmap


  • The implementation of the standardized research management (ISO 9001:2008 & KNAP)
  • The formation of research clusters and the university’s research excellence centre
  • The formation of an internationally standardized integrated research laboratory
  • Internationalization of Scopus indexed UI journals
  • Increasing number of Scopus indexed international conferences
  • Community Service implementation with an area-based concept



  • The implementation of a multidisciplinary applied research
  • An increase of internationally indexed publication (angka 1000 maksudnya apa?)
  • Increasing research funds from national and international collaboration
  • Implemented an ABG (academic-business- government) based research
  • The internationally standardized 2nd ILRC building will be materialised
  • UI reaches the top 50 university in Asia.
  • An increase of the HDI index from multidiscipline community services.



  • UI becomes a top-notch Asian university
  • UI becomes one of the aimed multidiscipline research reference in Asia
  • UI’s international journals becomes a reference for world researchers.