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The Game Created by UI Students Beat Hundreds Participants in the 2023 Gamejam Plus Indonesia Competition

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After outperforming 200 participants, 4 students from the Media Production Study Program, Vocational Education Program Universitas Indonesia, who were members of the MADH Creative team, succeeded in winning Runner-Up in the Fan Choice category in the GameJam Plus Indonesia 2023 competition. Fikri Hasan, Dani Aprilyanto, ⁠Bella Maedevia, and ⁠Rifqi Raditya Dewangga created a game called WETANI | Scarecrow In Shot.

The game created by Fikri and the team is a 2D-pixel game that requires players to shoot as many scarecrows as possible and get a score. WETANI | Scarecrow In Shoot can be played at online via PC or laptop. GameJam Plus Indonesia 2023 is an online game competition organized by Indie Game Group Indonesia from October 2023 to February 2024. There are five themes participants must pick such as No Plant No Planet, A Blanket and a Joystick, Rethink the Classics, Having Fun Casually, Based on Real Events.

Fikri explained that their game picked Having Fun Casually as a theme and was intended for fun without objectivity. “The rules of the WETANI game are that players will score 10 when they shoot a scarecrow that passes by. However, if the arrow fails to hit the scarecrow, the player’s life will be reduced by one. Each player gets a score multiple of 10 (10, 20, 30, and so on) and will get one additional life. Players must avoid birds falling from the sky so as not to reduce one life. “The game will end when the player’s lives run out,” said Fikri.

This game competition is a forum for Media Production students to implement learning in class. Fikri added, “Our success is supported by the subjects we studied in class, such as Innovation and Media Design Principles, which taught us about game development. Starting from the programming, artist, design, and game publication.”

WETANI Game | Scarecrow In Shoot is inspired by Doodle Champion Island Games by Google. The MADH Creative team is trying to make an arrow-themed game.

Director of the Vocational Education Program, Padang Wicaksono, S.E., Ph.D., appreciated the achievements of Fikri and his team. According to him, the success of the MADH Creative team shows that implementing a practice-based curriculum for Vocational UI students has proven successful. “The creativity and innovation showed they are ready to enter the creative industry and compete nationally and internationally. I’m waiting for other works from Vocational UI students in local and international events,” said Padang.

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