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The Lively Ramadhan Festivities at Ukhuwah Islamiyah UI Mosque

Universitas Indonesia > News > News Highlights > The Lively Ramadhan Festivities at Ukhuwah Islamiyah UI Mosque

Ukhuwah Islamiyah Mosque of Universitas Indonesia (UI), which is located on the Depok Campus, held various events during Ramadan this year. Last Saturday (March 25, 2023), for example, the mosque was enlivened by visitors who came to take part in the celebration of Ramadan. Even though it was raining, it didn’t dull the enthusiasm of UI students and academics from listening to the sermon at the mosque.

The event was opened with a hadrah performance from Al-Hikam Islamic boarding school, Kukusan, Depok, who recited several salawat. After that, it was continued by a cultural lecture by Dr. Ngatawi al-Zastrouw, Head of Makara Art Center UI. In his speech, Dr. Zastrouw stated that celebrating Ramadhan is a form of worship of ghairu mahdhah, i.e. worship that does not have clear implementation and technical instructions in the texts.

This type of worship provides space for Muslims to innovate. Scholars, especially Indonesian scholars, have set an example in innovating in this ghairu mahdhah as reflected in the traditions of halal bi halal, iftar together, imsak, and the like, including the implementation of the celebration of Ramadhan. Furthermore, Zastrouw stated, through creative innovations like this, Islamic teachings could be accepted easily and with joy by the Indonesian nation until this day.

The event was opened by Chairman of Ukhuwah Islamiyah Mosque, UI Depok campus, KH. Ahmad Solechan. In his speech KH. Achmad Solechan said that Ukhuwah Islamiyah Mosque had held various activities, in the form of Islamic studies, social movements, and cultural events. All of this is intended to instill Islamic values that are rahmatan lil ‘alamin and foster a moderate, creative, and innovative attitude in religion.

Alhamdulillah, the activities held by Ukhuwah Islamiyah Mosque on the UI Depok campus received a positive response from the community. However, we still invite UI academics to continuously participate in our festivities intensely,” said KH. Achmad Solechan.

The opening ceremony for the celebration of Ramadhan at Ukhuwah Islamiyah Mosque on the UI campus was also attended by Special staff of the Minister of Religion for Communication and Media Prasetyo Wibowo; Head of Bogor Regency Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs H. Syukri Ahmad Fanani along with hundreds of people in congregations from UI academic community and public.

In addition to salawat recitation and cultural lecturer, the celebration of Ramadhan at the UI Depok Mosque was also enlivened by the existence of culinary booths around the mosque. The UI mosque’s Ramadhan celebration event will take place every day during the month of Ramadan with a variety of interesting activity agendas.

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