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UI and the Ministry of Religion’s Halal Assurance Collaborated in Strengthening Halal HR

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Universitas Indonesia (UI) through the UI Halal Center (UIHC) together with the Postgraduate Program for Middle East and Islamic Studies, continues to improve socialization and halal literacy through various activities, including the “Joint Halal Awareness Movement” week which was held yesterday (Friday, 22 April 2022). ) in Salemba, Jakarta.

“This halal awareness movement is UIHC’s effort in encouraging the academic world to jointly accelerate the halal ecosystem, by being aware of and buying Indonesian products that are halal certified,” said Qiwamudin, Secretary of the UI Halal Center.

The halal awareness movement was opened with the signing of a collaboration between UIHC and the Halal Guarantee Agency (BPJPH) of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenag RI) to work together in strengthening human resources in the halal field to strengthen the halal ecosystem. The signing was carried out by BPJPH Head Muhammad Aqil Irham and UIHC Chairman Muhammad Luthfi Zuhdi.

This cooperation and collaboration includes the development of Tridarma (education, research, and community service) and improving the quality of human resources in the field of Halal Product Guarantee. “We hope that this collaboration will further strengthen our halal ecosystem as an effort to accelerate halal certification so that Indonesia becomes the world’s halal center, it is important and needs to be supported by all related parties. Including collaboration in education, research, scientific activities, seminars, workshops, training and development of halal human resources.” said BPJPH Head Muhammad Aqil Irham.

“Thank you to the Head of BPJH who has seriously moved the halal industry, proven that Indonesia is ranked second in halal food,” said Luthfi. He hopes that this collaboration can increase student and public interest in the halal industry, and the halal industry can be included in the UI curriculum.

The scope of the cooperation agreement between BPJPH and UIHC includes the implementation of education, research, and community service; organizing research collaboration and resource development; organizing scientific activities, scientific studies, seminars and workshops; implementation of halal training (Halal Training), halal literacy, and halal certification; improvement and development of human resource competencies.

During the halal awareness week, there was also socialization and training on the halal product process (PPH). Also present at the week-long event were Athor Subroto, Ph.D who is the Director of the UI School of Strategic and Global Studies (SKSG), Dr. Eva Achjani Zulfa (Deputy Director of SKSG UI), Dr. Yon Machmudi (Head of the Middle East and Islamic Studies Program) and Vita Andrianty (Group Head Retail Fundaing, Hajj & Umroh Bank BSI).

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