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UI: The Most Productive Institution according to The Conversation Indonesia

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January 26, 2024. In 2022 and 2023, UI won an award from The Conversation Indonesia as the Most Productive Institution in Indonesia for writing popular scientific articles. This year, awards were presented at the 2023 TCID Author Awards online. Of the hundreds of universities and research institutions registered with TCID, UI has contributed to producing 58 articles out of more than 1000 articles throughout 2023.

The Head of the UI Public Relations and KIP Bureau, Dra. Amelita Lusia, M.Sc., who represented UI at the event, said, “We are proud of this label because UI academics have put effort into disseminating information for readers. Hopefully, there will be more articles from UI in the TCID.”

Since six years ago, TCID has been collaborating with academics and researchers to publish quality articles. In 2023, there will be 1,104 articles written by 1,147 authors and read by more than 6 million people on the TCID platform. TCID Editor-in-Chief, Ika Krismantari, said the number of articles and authors had increased from last year.

To appreciate these achievements, TCID holds an annual Author Awards event as an appreciation for writers. There are 9 categories of awards, such as Environmental Editor’s Choice Writers, Politics and Society Editor’s Choice Writers, Education and Culture Editor’s Choice Writers, Science and Health Editor’s Choice Writers, Economy Editor’s Choice Writers, Most Productive Writers, Readers’ Choice Writers, Most Writers Widely Read, and Most Productive Institution.

The Most Productive Institution category is a new category that started last year. TCID CEO/Publisher, Prodita Sabarini hopes that this category can motivate Indonesian universities and research institutions to support and encourage lecturers and researchers in writing popular scientific articles. “This award is a recognition of the institution and the enthusiasm of its lecturers and researchers in writing useful articles for the wider community,” he said.

Apart from awards in the Most Productive Institution category, TCID gave awards to two UI academics, Wawan Kurniawan as the Most Productive Writer and Kanti Pertiwi as the Most Read Writer. According to Kanti, TCID always provides space for young scientists to write about something that rarely concerns public attention despite having broad implications due to policies and social conditions in society. He hopes that more works will be produced and benefits will be wider.

TCID also held a discussion titled “Growing Scientific Temper in Indonesia: Where to Start?” which presented three speakers. They were Prof. Jatna Supriatna (UI Lecturer and TCID Board of Trustees), Dr. Sastia Prama Putri (Chair of the International Association of Indonesian Scientists), and Wawan Kurniawan (Researcher at the UI Political Psychology Laboratory). The discussion reviewed the importance of scientific temper as the foundation of social and state life to assess everything based on evidence.

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