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UI’s Electric Bus Presents at INAPA

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Depok, May 30th 2023. The UI Electric Bus was exhibited at the automotive industry exhibition entitled Indonesia International Trade Show for Automotive Industry (INAPA) 2023 at the Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta on 24th-26th of May 2023. The event is said to be the biggest trade exhibition event in Southeast Asia and was organized by PT Global Expo Management as a forum for automotive industry players which cover spare parts, automotive technology, electric vehicle ecosystems, logistics and commercial vehicles.

In this activity, which was attended by more than 1000 participants from 21 countries, the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (FTUI) was represented by the Research Center for Advanced Vehicles (RCAVe) and the Innovation Entrepreneurial Unit (WIN) by bringing UI electric bus technology and other innovations related to electric automotive technology. Dr. Ir. Feri Yusivar, M.Eng. as Head of RCAVe and Dr. Muhamad Sahlan, S.Si., M.Eng. as the Head of the FT Innovation Entrepreneurial Unit also attended this exhibition.

At the exhibition, the visitors seemed enthusiastic about the UI Electric Bus. They got on the bus and asked various questions related to this vehicle. They also tried some of the existing features to see the work of this nation’s children.

Apart from exhibiting the electric bus, the RCAVE team also exhibited several other innovative products, including inverters, inverters with cooling systems, DC-DC converters, Power Distribution Units (PDUs) for Electric Private Cars, and Power Distribution Units for Electric Buses. These components are provided to meet the demand for converting conventional vehicles into electric vehicles.

Dr. Ir. Feri Yusivar, M.Eng. said, “We will gradually produce the electric bus components ourselves. At first we assembled the bus using imported components, and now we started to replace them one by one with domestic components to increase the Domestic Component Level (TKDN). Going forward, we plan to make new components for electric buses.”

Dean of FTUI, Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah, S.T., M.Eng., IPU., also added, “Our participation is part of UI’s commitment to contribute to the development of environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies. Electric buses are an important innovation in the transport sector, and we hope to inspire people about the importance of using clean energy and reducing carbon emissions. Through this participation, UI hopes to become a leader in encouraging the use of electric vehicles in Indonesia and spreading awareness of the importance of protecting our environment. We hope that exhibition visitors will be impressed by the technological advances we present and inspired to adopt eco-friendly solutions in their daily lives.”

The Electric Bus is the result of the design and production of FTUI researchers. This bus has become an operational vehicle at the G20 Indonesia Summit and received a positive response from the public at the event.

This bus is planned to become an operational vehicle within the Universitas Indonesia campus environment. This is so that UI academics can use environmentally friendly vehicles. The UI Electric Bus was made possible thanks to the Government’s support through the Education Fund Development Institute which invested Rp.12.65 billion for the development of the electric bus platform and Rp.5 billion for the development of a propulsion system (electric motor) by UI.

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