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Universitas Indonesia Faculty of Administrative Sciences Improves Financial Literacy in the Best Villages 2021 United Nation World Tourism Organization

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The Covid-19 pandemic has attacked several sectors in various countries including Indonesia. One of the areas most affected by this pandemic is the economy, including the tourist village of Nglanggeran, Yogyakarta. The village was named one of the best tourist villages in the Best Tourism Village 2021 by the United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Therefore, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and the public need to manage their finances in these difficult times.

Departing from this background and concern for the Indonesian people to be able to manage finances during the pandemic, the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia (FIA UI) carried out Community Service (Pengmas) namely training on improving Financial Literacy for residents of the Nglanggeran Tourism village, Yogyakarta.

“With this training, it is very helpful, according to the needs of MSME groups in Nglanggeran Tourism Village. If you can, continue to be guided and monitored, so that it can be maximized and used and carried out bookkeeping and financial management in each MSME group,” said the Marketing Section of the Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis) of Nglanggeran Village, Aris Budiyono.

Universitas Indonesia Faculty of Adminstrative Sciences Lecturer, Dr. Umanto, M.Si, CFPÒ as the Head of Community Service hopes that this activity can provide an increase in financial literacy, especially related to MSME financial management and personal financial management as part of efforts to improve community welfare.

“In a broader context, it is also hoped that through this activity, they can practice simple bookkeeping or financial recording activities which in the end are able to independently prepare financial reports in the form of profit (loss) reports, reports of changes in capital, and balance sheets,” he said.

According to Umanto, the Universitas Indonesia Faculty of Administrative Sciences Community Service Team provides an understanding of risk management as an inseparable part of the management of MSMEs themselves. “This is important as a form of awareness raising and how they can conduct risk identification, risk evaluation, risk measurement, and risk mitigation in order to achieve their financial goals in the long term,” he said.

This financial literacy training was given to 25 people, both to independent MSME owners and administrators and three members of MSME groups that already exist and are incorporated into Griya Coklat, Griya Spa, and Griya Batik. The three MSME groups are said to be one of the pillars that drive the economy of Nglanggeran Tourism Village.

In the training, seven indicators related to financial planning were presented, namely budget planning and evaluation of business objectives, financial records, sources of funding, financial terminology and financial records, financial management using information systems, use of technology, and risk management.

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