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Universitas Indonesia Got a Bike-Friendly Public Space Award

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Universitas Indonesia (UI) received an award in the category of bicycle-friendly public spaces, at the Bike To Work Award 2021, which was held offline at the National Library Ballroom, (21/12). The award was given directly by B2W Indonesia Co-founder Toto Sugito to Universitas Indonesia Vice Rector for Human Resources and Assets Prof. Dedi Priadi.

Bike To Work Award 2021 is an awarding event from B2W Indonesia, which is the first time it has been held in Indonesia for individuals/groups/agencies who have played a major role in committing and consistently encouraging cycling culture in Indonesia. “As a green campus, of course we welcome this kind of appreciation. In addition to the yellow bikes on campus, we also do greening through the maintenance of parks and urban forests at Universitas Indonesia. All of these things led us to win The 2021 Most Sustainable University in Indonesia from Universitas Indonesia GreenMetric, the world’s first university ranking organization based on commitment to environmental management on campus,” said Amelita Lusia, Head of Universitas Indonesia Public Relations and KIP Bureau.

The bicycle path with a track around the Universitas Indonesia campus starts from the Student Dormitory to the Student Regiment stop, then to the Universitas Indonesia station stop. This bicycle lane facility is not only a sports facility for Universitas Indonesia academicians and the community, but also as part of the green campus concept that Universitas Indonesia continues to develop.

B2W Indonesia is a social movement that has a vision of creating a better quality of life by cycling and has a mission to increase the number of cyclists for daily activities and the creation of priority bicycle lanes. In carrying out its vision and mission, B2W Indonesia puts forward the pillars of advocacy, education, campaigns, social and collaboration. Along with increasingly dynamic organizational activities, union motivation is needed to adjust to the development of the surrounding social environment. B2W Indonesia invites the public to collaborate together in realizing the B2W Award activities in 2021, namely encouraging cities in Indonesia to realize bicycle-friendly cities.

With the theme “Cycling Friendly City”, B2W Award 2021 assesses cities that have a development system based on security, safety, and comfort through the integration of the commitment and resources of the government, the community, and the business world, which is thoroughly planned. In addition, B2W Indonesia also assesses the city’s policies regarding programs and activities to ensure that cycling safety, security and comfort are provided in the city.

The chairman of B2W, Fahmi Saimima, expressed his gratitude to all attendees or delegates and to the jury who have worked for almost 10 months in maintaining the credibility of the Bike To Work Award Indonesia. “Bicycles and community are the things that people love the most. Therefore, for us, it is very important for Bike To Work for Indonesia to share its latest progress through many ideas, programs, ideas, passions that put forward the values ​​of advocacy, education, campaigns, social and collaboration,” he said.

Akmal Malik as the Advisory Board of B2W Indonesia said that, “I always compare my life to a bicycle, namely you will stop when you stop pedaling. So, the bicycle is a philosophy that is extremely profound in its meaning. We will keep living, keep serving, give something so that we keep pedaling. Sadly, the cycling culture is being lost and eroded from our lives. Various modernizations, pragmatism of thinking, policy makers actually eliminate that civilization. So, we must move,” he said.

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