Programme Overview

The vocational programme of communication studies produces skilled professionals in Broadcasting (radio/TV), PR or Advertising with both practical and theoretical knowledge enabling them to become professionals with academic perspectives in their field. Graduates are expected to be able to compose a plan and design broadcasting/advertising/ and PR media communication programmes that are aligned to the demands of the society and professional ethics.

Main Competencies:

  • Broadcasting specialization
  • Capable of practicing broadcasting programmes through broadcasting medias.
  • Capable of creating programmes for broadcasting medias.
  • Capable of operating media technology including new medias.
  • Capable of formulating the basic principles of broadcasting.

Advertising Specialization

  • Capable of designing strategic plans for advertising.
  • Capable of designing creative works of advertising professionally.
  • Capable of planning advertising medias professionally.
  • Capable of implementing account-advertising strategies professionally.

PR Specialization

  • Capable of conducting PR programmes.
  • Capable of operating media technology, including new media in order to support PR programmes.
  • Capable of practicing PR techniques.
  • Capable of practicing interpersonal communication for PR programmes.


  • Broadcasting
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising


Admission Schedule

Please refer to UI Admission page at


Tuition Fees

The tuition fee for the vocational education programme which is fixed is Rp 7,000,000 per semester and an Admissions Fee of Rp 6.500.000.




The Vocational Programme

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