Programme Overview

Courses held at the Accounting Programme are taught by lecturers and teaching assistants who are mostly teaching staff of FEUI. In addition, the teaching staff also includes practitioners in their field who support the curricula of the Vocational Programme that places an emphasis on practice with a 40 : 60 composition of theory : practice. The current curricula refer to the UI Rector Letter of Decision on Curricula 2009 Number 558/SK/R/UI/2009.

Every course subject has a syllabus. In the teaching process, besides teaching theory, the lecturers also give students exercises ranging from low to high levels of difficulty. For the main course subjects, besides lectures in class that are taught by the lecturers, additional sessions are held and taught by teaching assistants and with a schedule decided by the Programme to help students further understand the exercises.

Regarding the curriculum that emphasizes practice, laboratory course subjects are given both manual laboratory (conducted in non-lab computer classrooms) and computer laboratory that aim to train and measure the ability of students to work on more comprehensive cases.


  1. Financial Accounting
  2. Information System Technology Accounting
  3. Public Sector Accounting

Admissions Schedule
Please refer to UI Admission page at

Tuition Fees
The tuition fee for the vocational education programme which is fixed is IDR 7,000,000 per semester and an Admissions Fee of IDR 6,500,000.

The Vocational Programme
Universitas Indonesia
Campus UI Depok-16424
Phone : 021-29027481 (Hunting)
Fax : 021-29027480

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