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Research And Innovation

UI’s contribution to Indonesia and its commitment to becoming the Nation’s Teacher through the implementation of the Tridharma of Higher Education are the impetus for UI to continue to play an active role and contribute to overcoming the nation’s problems.

The implementation of research and innovation activities for UI academics, internally and externally, is a form of UI’s contribution to thinking and real work in overcoming global problems that are the focus of sustainable development (Sustainable Development Goals).


The research roadmap is a critical component that serves as the primary guide and foundation in the research process. Therefore, the research roadmap has been planned carefully and developed to align with UI’s main objectives. The following are the components of the research roadmap

  • UI is the leading university in Asia
  • UI becomes a destination of multidisciplinary research in Asia.
  • UI international journals have become a target for researchers throughout the world.


Universitas Indonesia has a list of research grants which may be viewed through