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August 31, 2022


Universitas Indonesia Student Nature Lover Community and “Baka-Raya Project” Action at Bukit Baka and Bukit Raya National Parks in West Kalimantan

One of the challenges facing Indonesia today is how to advance the economy of a region while maintaining environmental sustainability amid the threat of climate change. This moved the Universitas Indonesia Nature Lovers Students to contribute to advancing the region through the “Baka-Raya Project” which was held on August 7-28, 2022, in Bukit Baka and...
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Management of Universitas Indonesia Faculty of Economics and Business Holds Discussion with IMD World Competitiveness Center

The Management Institute of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia (LM FEB UI), on July 4-6, 2022 visited and discussed with the IMD World Competitiveness Center (IMD WCY), IMD Business School, in Lausanne, Switzerland. As a partner in Indonesia since 2017 in organizing the IMD World Competitiveness Ranking issued by IMD WCY, the...
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RSTelemed Application, Independent Health Check Application

Universitas Indonesia Advisory (UIA) in collaboration with PT Digital Sehat Indonesia (PT DSI) and PT Cex Up created a breakthrough health application for the Indonesian people, especially aimed at reaching detailed patient health. This application is named RSTelemed, with the board including Chairul as CEO, Muhammad Rizza as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) & Founder, Iman...
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Universities Need to Increase Public Awareness on Cyber Security: Setiadi Yazid

On 24th May 2022, Indonesian President Joko Widodo issued Presidential Decree No. 82 of 2022 on the Protection of Vital Information Infrastructure, in a bid to safeguard Vital Information Infrastructure (VII) from attacks and breaches on cyber security. The decree was issued in response to contemporary challenges in cyber security. A senior lecturer and expert...
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Universitas Indonesia Vocational Program Invites Young Generation to Improve Competence in Tourism

Various efforts have been made to increase tourism in Indonesia, especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Inevitably, the government and tourism actors must continue to innovate along with the times and the shifting behavior of tourists. One that plays an important role is the creative and innovative young generation in order to encourage the development...
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Universitas Indonesia Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Publishes Gender Dynamics Book

The book “Contemporary Gender and Sexuality Dynamics: An Anthology” which contains the results of research on the theme of gender and sexuality, especially those that capture the diversity of gender identities and expressions, power relations between information technology and sexuality practices in Indonesia that have not been widely published, was published by the Faculty of...
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UI – Universitas Trilogi Kerja Hold Ultra Micro Business Exhibition

Author: Alfin Heriagus Last Wednesday (12/01/2022) an exhibition was held to support the promotion/marketing of ultra-micro businesses of Beneficiary Families of the Family Hope Program (KPM PKH). This activity is one of a series of Social Entrepreneurship Programs (ProKus) in DKI Jakarta. The exhibition held at the Atrium of Trilogi University is a collaboration between...
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Omicron Alert: The Importance of Covid-19 Vaccination for Children

As a public university hospital in Indonesia, Universitas Indonesia Hospital has the best facilities and services for satisfying patient and visitor. Universitas Indonesia Hospital is appointed as a referral center for Covid-19 patients and is part of the national vaccination center. The emergence of new Covid-19 variants, such as Delta and Omicron, made Universitas Indonesia...
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FKM UI and Australia’s ACICIS Holds Virtual Public Health Study Tour 2022

The Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia (FKM UI) had the honour to host the 2022 Virtual Public Health Study Tour (VPHST), an intensive two-week program for Australian students seeking to learn and gain experience in Indonesia. This year’s VPHST, the 11th of its kind, included a series of interactive lectures and visits to...
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Microsleep and its Dangers

Recently, many accidents have claimed people’s lives due to the negligence of the motorists while driving vehicle. Some drivers complain of drowsiness and do not realize they have experienced microsleep. Data reveals that around 35% of drivers can get into accidents due to microsleep. In fact, when the frequency of microsleep exceeds 50% of a...
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