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RSTelemed Application, Independent Health Check Application

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Universitas Indonesia Advisory (UIA) in collaboration with PT Digital Sehat Indonesia (PT DSI) and PT Cex Up created a breakthrough health application for the Indonesian people, especially aimed at reaching detailed patient health. This application is named RSTelemed, with the board including Chairul as CEO, Muhammad Rizza as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) & Founder, Iman Subekti as Commissioner & Founder, Ivan Ir as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) & Founder, and finally Yakob Togar as Head of Doctor.

RSTelemed is an app that allows anyone to conduct consultations through this health app. In addition, it can be accessed anywhere, anytime, by anyone, adjusted to the presence of doctors in the application. Purchasing medicine through this application has also been integrated with several pharmacies.

PT DSI is a company that works with UIA that plays a role in assisting health applications in Marketing, Customization, Integration, Operations (Payment, Application Management & Maintainance, etc.). PT Cex Up helps in supporting PT DSI to develop health applications based on the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) which is a business revolution in the Health sector, while the UI Hospital (RSUI) as an application user from RSTelemed.

The RSTelemed application is one application that can detect patient health remotely. It has its differences from the pre-existing apps in the market. One of the advantages of this application is that it can detect patients who use the health application with a nurse who comes to the house, then checks the health history or uses data that has been detected through RSUI. For pregnancy, for example, the physician data is led by UI graduate Dr. Achmad Mediana, and hypertension, Covid-19, obsession, stroke, and many others by Dr. Anthony.

After obtaining patient data, the doctor will monitor the health of each patient to keep them healthy. In addition, there are also health sensors in the form of IoMT (Health Sensor), namely Thermometer, Blood Pressure, Respiratory, Height and Weight scale, Stethoscope, Ultrasound, ECG, CTG, Microcamera, Mini Laboratory, and many others. This application features Tele-Analytic using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in analyzing Covid-19 through respiratory tract, Cardiac through ECG, and stroke through vital signs. With this feature, patients feel a sense of care when consulting, buying medicine, and for their overall health.

This health application is used for three users, consisting of patients, doctors, nurses and is being developed for admins. Some of the advantages of using apps for patients are that patients no longer need their health data files when traveling far away, they can simply use one app and be connected to the patient’s health condition.

This tool can show the health curve of the patient, so that if the patient’s health is declining, then there is consideration to consult further through the application. The role of health applications for doctors is that when a patient has made a transaction with a doctor, the doctor fully supervises the patient even when he/she has gone home by knowing the blood pressure and giving advice on taking medicine for a long period of time so that the patient does not need to come to the hospital.

RSTelemed was developed to make it easier for people to access health facilities and services, especially those in rural areas in Indonesia. RSTelemed has conducted research to the Baduy tribe in Banten by bringing patients from the tribe to see their health conditions and consult with doctors in the hospital.

Currently, this application is being developed by a UI/UX team consisting of Mario Prasetyo, Rahman Ecky Retnaldi, Trian Damai as Backend + Mobile Developer (android/IOS), Achmad Setyabudi Susilo and Nur Kholid Fathurohman as Mobile Developer (Android), Iqbal Nur Haq Binkidi as FroentEnd WEB Developer, Moh. Harianto as Backend WEB Developer, Zidni Mujid as Full Stack WEB Developer, and Mario Prasetya as UI/UX Designer. Involved in the development of this application are two apprentices from SMKN 17 Jakarta, Aufar Akyas Aflaha and Rangga Eka Prasetya, and Project Manager Fahmi Firdaus.

The project involves employees from PTDSI and interns, and will include UI students so that the application is completed in the near future. For now, only a few students from the Faculties of Medicine, Mathematics, Pharmacy, and Biomedicine or Information Technology are involved.

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