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Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina Visited UI to Explore Distance Learning Collaboration

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UI received a visit from the Ambassador of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Armin Limo, to explore the potential for international cooperation, especially in education. UI and the Ambassador of Bosnia-Herzegovina attempted to reestablish cooperative relations with other universities in Bosnia-Herzegovina after previously UI had succeeded in establishing collaboration to improve the quality of the academic with two universities in Bosnia-Herzegovina: the University of East Sarajevo and the University of Tuzla. It was marked by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in 2019.

Secretary of UI, dr. Agustin Kusumayati, M.Sc., Ph.D., welcomed the Ambassador of Bosnia-Herzegovina. She said, “Welcome to the University of Indonesia. It is an honor for us to have Mr. Armin Limo here. Today’s meeting is important in maintaining and expanding the potential for collaboration between Indonesia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. We hope this meeting can develop collaboration opportunities with other universities and expand the network with your embassy. There was also the Director of Cooperation, Dr. Toto Pranoto. S.E., M.M; Head of International Office, drg. Baiduri Widanarko, M.KKK, Ph.D.; Coordinator of the International Office of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Rintis Dosie Swastika.

Meanwhile, Armin Limo said that the visit aims to develop collaboration with several universities in Bosnia-Herzegovina. By utilizing technology, information, and communication, UI and universities in Bosnia-Herzegovina could start the distance learning process. Long distances are no longer a barrier but for developing collaboration through online courses using existing technology.

Nowadays, online meetings allow students to enjoy effective teaching. “I believe we can create meaningful activities where students from UI can take courses from your university and vice versa,” said Dr. Augustine.

Armin Limo said that in Bosnia-Herzegovina, more than 500 online courses are delivered in English. He noticed great potential in collaboration by exploring online courses. Student development can begin through an agreement between both parties by offering courses to students. Expanding access to education and taking advantage of diverse educational resources is thrilling.

UI strives to open opportunities for students and academics to explore the potential of education with universities in Bosnia-Herzegovina and enrich global experiences. Both parties hope to create a strong relationship in endless collaboration with knowledge and cultural diversity.

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