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It is our commitment to consistently develop a learning community that is always on the move, always opening its arms to embrace all young people.

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Data latest update January, 12th 2021

Directorate of Research and Development

The Directorate of Research and Development is a directorate within the University of Indonesia Administrative Center with the main task of managing multidisciplinary, intradisciplinary, and transdisciplinary research and development activities within the University of Indonesia.


The research roadmap is an important component that is applied to serve as the main guide and foundation in the research process. The research roadmap used has been carefully planned and developed so that it is in line with the main objectives of UI. The following are the components of the research roadmap.

  • UI is the leading university in Asia
  • UI is one of the destinations for multidisciplinary research in Asia
  • UI international journals become the target of researchers in the world

Research Grants

University of Indonesia
have a list of research grants that can be checked through the site

Research Center

The University of Indonesia has conducted dozens of scientific and applied research, training, conferences, and public lectures. Click see more to see a list of Indonesian university study centers

Research Policy

List of research policy that can be found through the site

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