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UI Pharmacy Doctor Found Gambier Leaves as a Cholesterol-lowering Herbal Product

Universitas Indonesia > News > Faculty of Pharmacy News > UI Pharmacy Doctor Found Gambier Leaves as a Cholesterol-lowering Herbal Product

High cholesterol and blood fats can trigger cardiovascular and coronary heart disease. Based on data from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia in 2022, cholesterol sufferers in Indonesia reached 28% of the total population. Until now, cholesterol treatment involves the use of chemical drugs, such as statins, which can risk side effects in long-term use.

Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Indonesia, Dr. apt. Nanang Yunarto, M.Si., found the gambier plant (Uncaria gambir Roxb) which has been proven to reduce fat levels in the blood. The effect of reducing blood fat levels is caused by the catechin content in gambier leaves. This research was conducted under the supervision of UI Professor Prof. Dr. apt. Berna Elya, M.Si., and Prof. Dr. apt. Rani Sauriasari, M.Sc., and Research Professor with Expertise in Epidemiology and Biostatistics from the National Research and Innovation Agency, Prof. Dr. Dr. Laurentia Konadi, M.S., Sp.GK.

The clinical trials were also conducted on the ethyl acetate fraction of gambier leaves in film-coated tablets. Production of gambir leaf ethyl acetate fraction film-coated tablets is done on a production scale using industrial facilities that meet Good Medicine Manufacturing Practices standards at Deltomed Laboratories LLC.

The results showed that the combination of 10 mg simvastatin and 2 film-coated tablets of gambier leaf ethyl acetate fraction (1000 mg dose) gives the best results in reducing total cholesterol, triglyceride, LDL levels, and increasing HDL levels. These tablets are safe for 12 weeks, do not affect the function of vital organs, and do not show any negative effects in patients. Gambier has the potential to be an effective and natural alternative for treating high blood fat problems.

The gambier leaf extract fraction can be a phytopharmaceutical herbal product and an effective alternative for treating high blood fat. With the production of gambier extract of almost 27,000 tons every year in Indonesia, the availability of this raw material is very sufficient for the independent production of gambier leaf extract phytopharmaceutical products. This can certainly support the government’s program to accelerate the development of phytopharmaceuticals and reduce dependence on imported raw materials.

“We hope Nanang’s research can support the acceleration of the development of original Indonesian phytopharmaceutical products, reduce dependence on imported raw materials, and provide us with the processing of natural raw materials into herbal that are safe for the community,” said Prof. Berna.

Dr. apt. Nanang received the title of Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences with summa cum laude predicate in an open doctoral promotion session in the Faculty of Pharmacy UI, Large Courtroom on Friday (12/01). In conducting this research, Dr. Nanang received research funding assistance from the Indonesian Ministry of Health worth IDR 300,000,000. He hopes that his discovery can be invented and provide great benefits for the development of pharmaceutical science and society.

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