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August 24, 2022


The Role of Religion, Spiritual Support, and Depression on the Quality of Life for Lupus Patients

In Indonesia, the exact number of people with lupus is unknown. The increasing number of lupus cases needs to be watched by the community by paying special attention because the diagnosis of lupus disease is not easy and is often late. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), known as the “thousand faces” disease, is a chronic autoimmune...
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Gelis SMKN 1 Pringgabaya attracted by Universitas Indonesia in Community Service Program

In the framework of the Community Service Program, the American Regional Studies Expertise Program, Universitas Indonesia, introduced Electric Carts to MSMEs in Sapit Village, Suela District, East Lombok Regency. The activity entitled “Training on the Appropriate and Environmentally Friendly Implementation of Electric Carts as a means of economic activity for Sapit Village MSME groups, which...
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FLUI Provides Training on Handling Sexual Violence

According to the National Commission on Child Protection, during 2020 the rate of violence against children increased by 38 percent. 52% of these cases were cases of sexual violence. East Java Province is the region with the most reported cases of violence against children, followed by the Greater Jakarta area, including Depok, which is committed...
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Universitas Indonesia Professional Certification Institute (LSP UI) is appointed by Ministry of Law and Human Rights to Held Sword Translator Certification

The profession of sworn translator is one of the skills needed by the industrial world, especially for agencies that require ratification of documents in foreign languages ​​and are legally recognized. Based on the Regulation of the Minister of Law and Human Rights Number 4 of 2019, to become a Sworn Translator, one must pass the...
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Sociology Scholar Dr. Meuthia Ganie-Rochman Awarded Dedicated Scholar Award by Kompas

Dr. Meuthia Ganie-Rochman, lecturer and expert on sociology from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Universitas Indonesia (FISIP UI), has recently been awarded the Kompas Dedicated Scholar Award. Dr. Meuthia is an expert on organisational sociology and development sociology who professes particular interest in issues surrounding corruption. She has been holding a chair in...
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New UI Dental Hospital Director Steps into Office: Aims to Become an Internationally Recognised Hospital

Universitas Indonesia’s Dental and Oral Health Hospital (RSKGM) instated drg. Yudy Ardilla Utomo, Sp.BM(K) as its director for the current 2022-2026 term. On the occassion, drg. Yudi urged all of those who stake their interests in the hospital to support each other and intensify mutual communication and collaboration “that the outlined strategic plans may be...
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Master Programme of Administration Achieve “Excellent” Accreditation

The Master Programme of Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Administrative Sciences Universitas Indonesia (FIA UI), has recently acquired “Excellent” accreditation from the National Accreditation Board – Higher Education (BAN-PT). As per 2020, accreditation ratings have been changed from A, B, and C to Excellent, Very Good, and Good, according to BAN-PT’s official website. Programmes possessing Accreditation...
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FEB UI International Undergraduate Programme holds Lecture on Business Valuation

“Startups usually need business valuation during their pre-revenue phase because their condition is difficult to evaluate accurately, given that they do not yet possess operational revenues or marketable products,” Frizon Akbar Putra, Principal Advisor and President of Nilzon Capital, stated in a public lecture on Saturday (9/4). “At that stage business owners would expect high...
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