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June 11, 2024


Increasing Student Preparedness Response, UI Provides Fire Emergency Response Training

Fire disaster is a risk that can occur anytime and anywhere, including in schools, as has recently appeared in various news reports related to fires in schools due to electrical short circuits, fires in laboratory activities, and cooking activities in the canteen or kitchen. Fires in schools can cause disruption to the teaching-learning process, financial...
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UI and University of Dar Es Salaam Develop Sustainable Energy and Mineral Resources

Universitas Indonesia (UI) welcomed a delegation from the Embassy of Tanzania on Tuesday (4/6), in Meeting Room A, UI Administration Center Building. The visit aimed to open opportunities for collaboration between UI and the University of Dar Es Salaam-the oldest and leading public university in Tanzania. This collaboration is expected to make a significant contribution...
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UI Launches Podomoro Golf View Marketing Lounge in Library Building

Universitas Indonesia (UI) and Agung Podomoro Land are committed to providing affordable and educational solutions, to instill an understanding that property is a primary need that must be prepared early on. This step is taken to ensure that the community – especially the younger generation – has the awareness and ability to plan property ownership...
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Collaboration between Summer Course and Java Bali Overland Tour 2024

One of efforts to improve student performance, Tourism Business Management Study Program, Vocational Education Program, Universitas Indonesia (UI), in collaboration with MARA University of Technology (UITM) Shah Alam, Malaysia, participated in summer course and Java Bali Overland Tour (JBO) 2024. The annual activity organized by the Tourism Business Management study program was attended by all...
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UI – UGM – UTS (University of Technology Sydney), and Center for Regulation Policy and Governance Create a Water Service Vulnerability Assessment Tool

To achieve climate resilience and economic transformation in Indonesia, the foundation for a productive and healthy population through clean water supply is essential. Therefore, a collaborative Knowledge, Innovation, and Technology team from Australia and Indonesia under the KONEKSI program conducted research and reported on the resilience of Community-Based Water Supply and Sanitation (PAMSIMAS) systems to...
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UI Dormitory D1 Building Renovation

To provide comfortable dormitory facilities for students, Universitas Indonesia (UI) through the UI Board of Trustees (MWA UI) renovated one of the buildings that is part of the UI Dormitory complex, namely Building D1. The operation of the building was carried out after the handover between the Board of Trustees (MWA)-which on that occasion was...
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