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Open to Public, UI Ultra 2022 in Depok Offers Ultramarathon Sensation in the Evening

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In addition to improving health, running also strengthens kinship as it creates communities that have positive impacts on each other. With this aim, FEUI Runners community, one of the running clubs under the Association of FEB UI Alumni (ILUNI FEB-UI), initiates UI Ultra 2022 Running Competition, which is a unique event and provides a different sensation by running in the evening.

UI Ultra 2022 Run Competition will be held live at UI Depok Campus, on Saturday, November 26, 2022 starting at 20:00, and it is opened to the public. UI Ultra 2022 invites runners to enjoy a 70 km running route that is sterile and comfortable.

The running route is a loop form in which one loop has a distance of 7 km. Participants can choose to run through the 70 km distance individually or in a team (relay) with a choice of a team of 2 people, 5 people, or 10 people.

“As a form of optimism for the improved situation from the pandemic, we strive to bring positive energy to the running community by reorganizing UI Ultra offline with a unique experience of running in the evening while ensuring health and safety protocol standards,” said Dinny Dewanto, Race Director of UI Ultra 2022.

“In addition, as a manifestation of the positive impact we bring in every activity we do, we will donate part of the funds collected from UI Ultra 2022 to Dana Abadiman Universitas Indonesia,” said Freddy Hendradjaja, Chairman of FEUI Runners and Secretary General of ILUNI FEB UI.

UI ULTRA 2022 registration has been opened since August 26, 2022, offering 4 race categories, namely: individual, 2-person relay, 5-person relay, and 10-person relay. The organizers ensure that the running track is sterile and safe for the runners. Adequate lighting in the evening for the runners, water stations along the route, marshals, medical and the support teams who are experienced and professional in their fields. Registration can be done on the website Further information can be found on IG @ui.ultra or the website #returnstrong!

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