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“Pelita Ramadan Berbagi” Brings Happiness to Hundreds of Orphans

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During Ramadan 1445 H, the Muslim student organization Salam Universitas Indonesia (UI) collaborated with faculty’s Muslim organization, various foundations and social communities, and public—holding the Pelita Ramadhan Berbagi 2024 (PERIGI). UI deepens Islamic values, increases faith in Allah SWT, and strengthens social awareness as a manifestation of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education.

The PERIGI 2024 program presents various activities, such as preaching campaigns, religious studies, sanlat, donations for orphans, and faculty safaris during Ramadan. This activity is a collaborative broadcasting activity to invest in the nuances of Ramadan on UI campus and provide solutions to various social problems in an innovative and impactful way.

Chairman of Salam UI, Rahmadhani Nur Widianto, said this program was Salam UI’s action to mold young generation to excel in academics, high spirituality, and social awareness. “We are delighted to share happiness with orphans. Thank God, this activity received support from the Directorate of Graduate Career Development and UI Alumni Relations, as well as venue from the UI Mosque Council,” he said.

The PERIGI 2024 Program series closed with sanlat (express Islamic boarding school activities) and donations for orphans which were held at the Ukhuwah Islamiyah (MUI) Mosque, last Saturday (30/3). This year, PERIGI provided compensation to 200 orphans around UI, namely Alkahfi South Jakarta, Alkahfi East Jakarta, and Fathan Qarib Indonesia.

The supervisor of Alkahfi East Jakarta, Nabilla Fatihah, as the coordinator of the beneficiaries, said “It is a gift and a blessing for us to get assistance from the Universitas Indonesia through PERIGI Salam UI activities. “Hopefully, the generation of Islam that we are molding can be like a mountain spring, whose benefits will continue to flow wherever they are.”

PERIGI’s main event also presents entertainment for orphans. Starting with an Islamic fairy tale entitled “Travelling the Hijrah of Rasulullah SAW” presented by Kak Bimo, this activity ended with the distribution of compensation packages, iftar, and Maghrib prayer together.

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