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FN UI Educational Staff participates in Erasmus International Staff Week in Romania

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Firman Amirulloh S.Kep., is an educational staff from the Faculty of Nursing, Universitas Indonesia (FN UI) who had the opportunity to take part in the Erasmus International Staff Week organized by the Erasmus+ Foundation to Romania, Eastern Europe. This overseas education personnel exchange activity aims to exchange information about the local education system and its culture, increase knowledge and abilities of education personnel from various parts of the world.

Firman said that the activities carried out during the Erasmus+ International Staff Week at West University of Timișoara consisted of sharing experiences on how to create educational institutions to be more advanced in the international world. In addition, there are materials to support the performance of education personnel, such as how to manage stress and strengthen networking. In addition, other activities were Focus Group Discussions (FGD) related to case studies provided by the organizers and the participants discussed the problem solving as well as presentations from representatives of each country participating in this activity.

Firman Amirulloh

“The impression is that I will not stop here. My life principle is ‘The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others‘, I will pass on what I get to other educational staff friends so that they can be more literate regarding improving educational staff skills so that they can play an active role in the institutional, national and international levels. I am also currently preparing to join a training program for staff in America. Currently, I am preparing an essay. I want to keep inspiring and be more confident that educational staff can also play a professional role to participate in advancing the quality of education in Indonesia,” said Firman.

After returning to Indonesia, Firman wants to implement the knowledge he has gained, especially in the field of networking. Firman wants to strengthen FN UI’s foreign relations and introduce FN UI to the world. On a personal level, the seminar in Romania helped Firman manage stress and brainstorm.

Erasmus+ International Staff Week is an event that provides opportunities for higher education and research staff from various countries around the world to learn. The activities include the transfer of information or technical knowledge within the partner institutions so as to acquire practical skills to be applied in their current work and relevant in professional self-development. This activity aims to equip education personnel with the knowledge, skills and competencies needed in a dynamic, increasingly mobile, multicultural and digital society. Erasmus+ International Staff Week 2022 was attended by 20 countries with a total of approximately 100 participants from representatives of various countries.

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