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Undergraduate and Vocational Education Programs Quotas Increase in New Student Admissions 2024

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UI held a socialization on new student admission for high school and equivalent graduates at Purnomo Prawiro Hall, UI Depok Campus, on Wednesday (7/2). The socialization was attended by 500 representatives of school leaders, principals, and counseling teachers from Jakarta, Semarang, and Central Java.

Secretary of UI, dr. Agustin Kusumayati, M.Sc., Ph.D., said, “Our main goal is to convey the information regarding admissions for new students to UI for schools, school leaders, teachers, students, and their parents. “I advise all prospective students not to hesitate to choose UI because UI continues to provide equal access to students from all regions in Indonesia and all socio-economic levels.”

Presented as resource persons were the Secretary of the National Selection for New Student Admissions, Bekti Cahyo Hidayanto, S.Si., M.Kom., and the Head of the UI New Student Admissions Office, Dr. Gunawan, ST., MT. The socialization was led by the Head of UI Public Relations and Public Information Openness (KIP) Bureau, Dra. Amelita Lusia, M.Sc.

Based on Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology Regulation No. 62 of 2023, the admission for new students for diploma and undergraduate programs at State Universities, including UI, is divided into two schemes: the national and the independent. For the national scheme, UI provides 50 percent of the total capacity; 20 percent through National Selection Based on Achievement (SNBP) and 30 percent through National Selection Based on Tests (SNBT). Meanwhile, the rest of 50 percent will be contested through independent scheme.

UI’s independent scheme is divided into two: the exam and the non-exam. UI’s examination is SIMAK UI for Undergraduate and Vocational Studies, SIMAK for International Class Undergraduates, and SIMAK for Undergraduates and Vocational Studies with Recognition of Past Learning (RPL). Meanwhile, the non-exams are the Achievement and Equalization of Learning Opportunities for Undergraduate and Vocational Studies, the Talent Scouting for International Class Bachelors, and the Achievement Selection Pathway for Undergraduates.

In 2024, UI will increase its capacity to accommodate more prospective new students. Head of PMB UI, Gunawan, said, “In 2024, we will accept more than 10 thousand prospective undergraduate and vocational students, an increase compared to 2023,” He added that the total capacity of Vocational Bachelors, consists of 8,823 Bachelors and 1,650 Vocational Bachelors. Meanwhile, the total capacity of SNBP is 2,105: 1,775 undergraduate and 330 vocational. Then, the SNBT will accept 3,164 students of 2,666 undergraduate and 498 vocational students. This year, UI is participating in 64 undergraduate study programs and 15 vocational study programs (9 Diploma III and 6 Diploma IV).

Currently, the period for completing the School and Student Data Base (PDSS) for SNBP for schools will end on February 9, 2024. It will be followed by SNBP Registration from February 14 to 28, 2024. UI will also open the Talent Scouting for International Class from February 28 to March 22.

SNPMB Secretary Bekti emphasized, “Students who have passed the SNBP cannot register for independent selection at any campuses. Participants who have passed through the SNBT will also not be accepted for the Independent Route scheme.” Bekti appealed to new students to wait for the SNBT announcement before registering for the independent test at their target campus.

Information about the National Selection can be seen at Meanwhile, the latest information regarding UI can be accessed at and Questions regarding new student admissions can also be submitted via email to or

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