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Fashion Show Made from Recycled Materials in UI’s 74th Anniversary

Universitas Indonesia > News > Fashion Show Made from Recycled Materials in UI’s 74th Anniversary

The commemoration of UI’s 74th Anniversary was enlivened by competitions participated by UI students, teaching staff, education staff, and alumni. The opening event of the competition was enlivened by delegates from each Faculty/School/Vocation, University Administration Center, and UI Hospital.

In his opening speech, the Deputy Chancellor for Human Resources and Assets, Prof. Dr. Ir. Dedi Priadi, DEA., said, “We are pioneers and drivers of sustainable campuses in our country and will continue to preserve them from our homeland to the international scale. We hope this can unite togetherness as a family because competition is just a symbol of solidarity. This aligns with the anniversary theme “Continuously Building a Sustainable Indonesia”.

The theme was also one of the concepts during the competition. For example, the fashion design competition represents the concept of recycling waste from plastic, paper, cardboard, and mineral water bottles and utilizing used materials with creative fashion designs to illustrate sustainability or Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).

One of the participants in the fashion design competition from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Roshamur Cahyan Forestrania, adopted the concept of Reveal in the Resurgence: Recycled Reverie of Sustainable Threads of Culture by using used plastic, newspapers, and used cloth. She said, “This concept inspires many people to change something no longer valuable into high selling value. Previously unused materials become used materials that have cultural and good economic values. So we use 99% recycled materials,” said Roshamur, a designer and model.

Meanwhile, 12 teams of four members participated in the Tumpeng Decorating Competition. Participant from the UI Administration Center was represented by Lelya Rimadhiana and her team Kembulan, which means together. The team embodied the concept of tumpeng with the Javanese tradition, namely Sekatenan, a ceremony to commemorate religious events. “I am very enthusiastic and impressed to be one of the representatives of the tumpeng competition. We hope UI will continue to develop its creativity in a series of competitions on the next anniversary,” said Lelya.

Amid the excitement, a badminton match was also held between UI leaders: the UI Deputy Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. rer. Nat. Abdul Haris, M.Sc, and UI Director of Student Affairs, Dr. Badrul Munir, ST., M.Eng.Sc., against the Deputy Chancellor for Human Resources and Assets, Prof. Dr. Ir. Dedi Priadi, DEA with Director of Operations and Facility Maintenance Dr. Dwi Marta Nurjaya, S.T, M.T.

“On the 74th UI Anniversary this year, we invite the campus community to celebrate and experience UI’s contribution to the country through a photo exhibition on 20-25 February at Hotel Indonesia Roundabout MRT Station. This exhibition shows the involvement and role of UI community in realizing the SDGs. This moment represents the extraordinary dedication of UI academic figures, SDGs activists, and UI alumni who have made significant contributions. This aims to create positive change for sustainability in Indonesia,” said Amelita Lusia M.Si, Head of the UI Public Relations and KIP Bureau, who is also the Chief Executive of UI’s 74th Anniversary.

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