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1st Winner of EBEC Festival 2021, Universitas Indonesia Students Initiate Innovation for Reducing Plastic Packaging Waste

Universitas Indonesia > News > Faculty of Economics and Business News > 1st Winner of EBEC Festival 2021, Universitas Indonesia Students Initiate Innovation for Reducing Plastic Packaging Waste

Even though it has only been opened since 2021, the Creative Business Study Program (Prodi) recorded a proud achievement as the 1st winner in the BUSINESS PLAN COMPETITION EBEC FESTIVAL 2021 competition: “The Potential of Digital Marketing for Millennials in The New Normal Era”. The achievement was made by M. Aqil Drajat (student of Creative Business Study Program, Vocational Education Program) who joined the Sebersih Team, along with two colleagues from the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB)-Nindyan Patari Hangganararas and Hylda Mirna Evangelyn Silalahi.

The Sebersih team created a business plan for a soap refill service, to reduce plastic packaging waste. M. Aqil Drajat, team leader, explained that in addition to being a pioneer of soap refills in Indonesia, the concept of all in one and on the go on time is an attraction for the community. In addition, it also helps reduce plastic packaging waste.

“We provide Sebersih Truck service that visits consumers’ residences in distributing soap refills, which makes it easier for consumers because it is efficient in terms of time and energy. Sebersih also provides a variety of soap products with high intensity of daily use, such as soap for cleaning the body, clothes, and the home environment,” said Aqil.

Director of the Vocational Education Program, Prof. Dr. Ir. Sigit Pranowo Hadiwardoyo, DEA., said, “The Creative Business study program has only been opened in 2021, but has contributed through creativity and innovation, especially in the field of entrepreneurship, one of which is through competitions such as business plan this.” The competition took place last month with the organizers of the University of Lampung.

According to Sigit, various courses designed based on a vocational curriculum will help students in conceptualizing business designs and systems. The concept supports the needs of the industry and is useful for the surrounding environment.

He hopes that with a business plan competition like this, students in Indonesia will have a place to express their ideas and creativity to influence business changes in Indonesia that are more sustainable and able to compete globally.

Sebersih’s sustainability will continue to grow, along with the level of understanding through education and habits of the Indonesian people, to internalize a sustainable lifestyle and go green. Aqil hopes that the country he loves has the power of business creativity, which will bring change and prosperity to the people..

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